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  1. Yes it is exactly that one, except the way my coach has instructed me to do it helps prevent me from arching my back. I know this is the worst, I can touch my toes, but I rarely do it unless I'm instructing dance students because it makes the back of my legs feel uncomfortably tight and slightly painful. I was worried someone would tell me I need core strength, I had some stomach muscles cut due to a surgery and I was pretty sure that might have helped encourage this problem. I will take all your advice and add it to my daily practice. I will also try the wall part, but against a door because I realize now I have very little free wall space.
  2. I tried using the search function to find a similar topic regarding thigh muscles, but came up empty handed, sorry if this is a re-post. So it was recently pointed out to my that most of my back issues and inability to stretch out my hamstrings might be coming from the fact that the front muscle of my thighs is ridiculously tight. I was wondering if anyone knew good yoga poses or stretches to do that do not require a lot of equipment. The most effective one I've found is to put one leg on a bench press machine and then rest the back of my foot on the bar because it can stretch the entire muscle up through my ribcage. However, I don't always have access to a bench press machine or the weights it requires to make me tall enough for this to be effective. Any suggestions?
  3. I used to belly dance more actively about a year ago before I decided to focus more on my Bharatanatyam training. I really like this forum it has a great community of support.
  4. Hello, I discovered this place by complete accident while walking around a local bookstore and saw the book. I really like how Candace shared her story of struggling with health issues because I have been doing that myself. With the new year coming up I want to try and get back into yoga for multiple reasons. I'm a Bharatanatyam dancer and I need to get more flexible and be able to hold balancing poses for much longer than I already do. I also have been found myself getting way too tight in the hips and legs recently after long days dancing. I also want to make sure I maintain my limited flexibility while weight training. I'm going to try doing the 39 day flexibility program working towards the splits and then will transition to the dancer's pose.