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    Warrior (all), pigeon pose, tree pose
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    Downward dog, half-bound lotus twist, low plank pose
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    1 year old pug named Pedey. He's the best!! Smudgy face, cuddle bug, snorts and snores, curly tail and the best expressions and personality!
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    By a ranch and rehabilitate horses and dogs, travel the world, make sure my family was financially comfortable, volunteer instead of work.
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    Oh my- too many. My new recent purchase was Namaslay! ❤
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    Shawshank Redemption, Super bad, Green Mile, 40 year old virgin and about a million more
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    Heartland, Greys Anatomy, SUV, Bones, Castle, anything HGTV
  1. My name is Lauren- and I am so excited to be starting this program and getting to know all of you! Namaslay spoke to me on so many levels- I have a rare disorder (transverse myelitis- also known as TM) which makes working out hard and I am just now getting back into yoga. I also have some anxiety and depression due to the I am looking forward to the mental, emotional and physical aspects of yoga. Good luck to everyone- we will have an amazing month!