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  1. Hi everyone! I am looking at doing an intensive teacher training this year but... I don't know that I really even WANT to teach. What I want is a month of intensive learning, but more than just a yoga retreat. I want the knowledge that comes from teacher training, but I don't want to spend time on learning how to manage a class or how land a job ect. Any recommendations of where I can just get deep into yoga for a month? I love Vinyasa flow but I'm fairly open. I don't think Mysore is my style and I'm on a budget anyway so going to India is pretty unlikely! Or, is it worth doing teacher training for the yoga knowledge anyway and the "teacher" knowledge is just a bonus? Right now I'm looking at doing my training with Meghan Currie, I hear that her training is great even for those not looking to teach! But wanted to see if anyone has other suggestions. Thanks!!