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  1. My goal for 2017 is to become better at life in general. Less stress more yoga and a lot more happiness. Balance and relaxation will certainly help in these areas. I will be 59 this year and thanks to yoga I can out work my employees in their 20's and still cut grass on an acre yard with a push mower.
  2. Don't know much about roller derby but do know about wrists. You could be looking at some serious carpal tunnel if you don't protect your wrists. I have severe carpal tunnel from lifting at work but through yoga it has helped greatly. First off if you can place your hand in the praying position and gently apply pressure. This should help with the pain. Turning your wrists In a circular motion will also help. But you really should use wrist guards while skating.
  3. That's a great goal. Yoga is very mind lifting for me
  4. I'm Michelle and I live in Georgia. I have always enjoyed yoga and am starting the new year out right by getting in shape with yoga.