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    Warrior 2, legs up the wall, pigeon, wide-legged forward fold
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    Standing splits, anything that compresses the neck, warrior 1, Eagle
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    travel a lot more, buy a new horse and a beach place where I could do yoga on the beach every morning
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    Infinite Jest, Go Tell It On the Mountain, Anathem, The Bourgeois Virtues, The Wealth of Nations, Stupeur et Tremblements...., The 13 Clocks, The Mixed-Up Files..., anything by Nabakov, Paradise Lost
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    Tucker, An American in Paris, Moonlight Kingdom, Wall-E
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    Vikings, Top Chef
  1. Thanks! I sometimes do other asanas using my fists, but didn't know if that compromised correct alignment in some of these other poses as the arm is turned at a different angle. I will play around with this very carefully.
  2. Hi y'all - I know there are a number of poses that require wrists to be at 90 degrees angles for proper alignment. My wrists would break before I hit that point because my bones would touch - this isn't a ligament or tendon issue. So my question is, are poses such as side-crow completely off-limits if it is anatomically impossible to have a 90-degree angle, or is there a modification I am unaware of that can make these poses accessible? Thanks!