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  1. Hello! I am so excited to dive into the world of Yoga. I love doing meditation and need to gain more flexibility and balance so I figured that Yoga would be a great idea for me. My problem is I am super tall and skinny and inflexible. That is mostly why I am doing Yoga. As a kid I worked under a terrible coach and had tension around the house a majority of the time. That has left me largely inflexible and tense. My legs are really bad at stretching or even extending flat when in certain positions. I have tried doing exercises based on getting to the point of being able to touch your toes but those didn't seem to work very well. Sure they stretched me but I do not think they provided long-term benefits. Anywhoo I am wondering if I could elicit some advice related to the nature of yoga. You see I did an introductory routine on the "Yoga Studio" app and realized that I was below a beginner level. I cannot do downward dog owing to not being able to extend my legs fully at that angle and not being able to figure out how to work it out with my arms. I could not do the cobra because I am not that flexible. The crab was also super difficult for me. I think I have the strength but I look more like an M rather than a C. And I couldn't figure out how to extend my arms fully (even though I likely have the strength to do so). What I am wondering is if I should keep repeating this routine until I can get it, or should I try and find some remedial stretches. I am not sure if "going through the motions" for these poses even though my form is not quite there is doing me any good. A lot of the time the modifications (like bending the knees) suddenly make the exercise way to easy for me. If I should try to do some Yoga focused on stretching legs then what poses/methods should I look into? I will be doing Yoga almost every night for awhile. I just need a routine that can help me regain regular flexibility so I can move on in my Yoga technique. Some day I hope to get to the point where I can make my own routines and just relax. Stretching as necessary. Free of instructions. Thankyou for any advice!