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  1. Thanks! I'll give those a shot. I went to class yesterday and am noticing my thoracic is particularly stuck. When I do the cow or cobra pose, it feels like my lower back and neck do the bending, but my upper back is stiff like a rod. Those poses are supposed to help improve spinal extension, but I feel like when I do them, I'm so locked up, I'm not able to do the poses properly to begin to get some improvement there.
  2. No suggestions?
  3. Just some background info. I'm a beginner at yoga and have always been really tight (desk job of course). I want to increase my flexibility, especially in my back and chest and am trying to learn how to do backbends. I've been trying to start by standing up, bending backwards and pressing out against a wall, but I can't get my arms straight as my elbows flail out to the sides. Any tips? Thanks!