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  1. Hi everyone, my name is Catriona and ii'm from the North East of Scotland. I did Hatha yoga when I was a student but stopped after graduating and getting a job and only found yoga again 12 years later . I've been practising Ashtanga Yoga on and off for a year, just getting back into it after a couple of months break due to working away from home and holidays. Other than Yoga I enjoy crafts, particularly tatting (a form of lace making), I do dry land dog sledding with my two huskies and I am an electrical/electronic engineer. Pleased to meet all of you!
  2. Hi Bitsy, I sometimes suffer from week wrists which stops me from having my hands bent back a lot (like jumping through from downward dog to sitting). In these cases i just make a fist and bear my weight on my knuckles (or at least the flat surface of my fingers between knuckles. As long as you are careful to keep your wrist strong and stable this should be a modification that works with a lot of asanas. here is a video as an example..
  3. Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice regarding Utthita Hasta Padangusth Asana D. I've been getting pain right in the centre of my thigh of my left leg when holding my leg in the air unsupported. Can anyone tell me what could be causing this (tight hip flexor for example) and what i can do to resolve it? This muscle has been playing up for several years and originally gave me problems during long walks. It only really hurts while doing the movement rather than after the fact though it is tender today after doing yoga for the first time in a couple of months yesterday. i appreciate any advice i can get.