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  1. Thanks for your help, Danielle! =)
  2. Just wanted to share this with y'all because I thought it was an awesome video. =)
  3. Ah, so jealous! I'm hoping to go back and visit in the near future!
  4. I agree; the tops and bras are way too small. I know my size and, when I went to try a bra on, it definitely didn't fit and wasn't true to size.
  5. Sooo I just posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook with the link to the Miami retreat page but I don't know if the link is going to send people to the right page. I tried, but I'm sorry I'm not tech savvy! I really wish I could go; I'd love to get away from the cold and just be back on the beach. I hope everything works out and that you'll still have a great retreat!
  6. Mkay just on a quick unrelated note: I did the P90X yoga session with one of my dude roommates who was trying to do the whole series and I felt more frazzled after than before. Mostly because I felt like Tony was yelling at me the whole time hahaha! To each his own, I suppose! =D
  7. I totally get where you're coming from! Some mornings I just want to stay in bed and be warm because I know once I get up I'll be cold lol. My body also seems to feel a bit tighter in the mornings because of the cold so, if I can't do a full practice if I'm scheduled to work one day, I just do a little flow between rag doll and garland pose while I'm waiting for my tea to be done. It just feels so so good! One of the things I've been trying to do to keep me practicing is to focus on my breathing, letting go of expectations and really really slowing down my movements and transitions. I've found that sometimes it's like I'm running my own "yoga race," just trying to get through vinyasas and other flows as quickly as I can because I don't want to find discomfort in those positions. So lately I've been trying to focus on how everything feels in my body, especially those transitions that I'd rather breeze through and avoid.
  8. Krysta, I totally feel ya! I've been keeping up a home practice since late last July because 1. classes can definitely be mad expensive, 2. I sometimes have transportation issues and 3. sometimes class schedules just don't fit with my schedule. It's super awesome that you're doing everything you can to grow your home practice! I'm a fan of Candace's Sweat DVD (see here!) and Kathryn Budig's Aim True DVD. If a library near you has yoga DVDs, I would totally check those out. I borrowed a ton in the past week or so but haven't gotten around to using them yet haha! I'll have to let you know if there are any others that I like. Hope this helps! =)
  9. Thanks for your suggestions, Katie! =)
  10. I like to do hip openers because I can physically feel tightness and discomfort in my hips and low back if I don't do them. It just feels good to me and my body feels better and more open. I feel like an old lady creaking around if I don't hahaha! =D
  11. Thanks Candace and Mana! I'm super appreciative of your support! =)
  12. Hi friends! Candace and fellow awesome yoga instructors, how do you create a sequence or "time" a sequence so that it fits into a 30, 40, 60 minute etc. period? Thanks in advance for your input! =)
  13. Hi Laura! I first started practicing yoga at a Bikram studio and I would go to their 60 minute condensed version of the Bikram series. (The 90 minute Bikram class has each pose repeated twice, while the 60 minute one had each pose only done once.) I actually didn't know that Bikram yoga was different from any other type of yoga class at the time haha! I loved it; it was a good physical challenge but it also helped me focus and relax. If you want to get a feel for it, I'd see if your studio offers the 60 minute condense version. I hope that helps and that you enjoy the practice! Hope to hear how you like it! =)
  14. Mkay confession: I almost cried on my yoga mat yesterday. I've read that some people feel an emotional release after doing lots of heart-opening and I've always been skeptical about this. Whelp, I definitely felt the tears welling up after practicing dancer's pose. I think it's stemming from a bit of pent-up frustration because I don't really feel or see any progress in my chosen pose. My back has been feeling a little tighter than usual; maybe I'm focusing too much on spinal flexion and extension? Maybe I should do some more rotation and twists? I dunno, but I took a step back and didn't practice my chosen pose today. I might have to avoid it for a while and then come back to it. I'm trying to honor my body, but it's pretty hard when my ego thinks that I can keep pushing it. Ah here's to being patient with myself!
  15. Thanks Candace! =)