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  1. Does anyone have any good home remedies for removing blackheads? I've tried the brown sugar and honey on a lemon a few times and I don't think it did anything to help. Also, for some reason, I feel like I'm breaking out more frequently; any good home remedies for battling breakouts?
  2. Hi friends! Candace and fellow awesome yoga instructors, how do you create a sequence or "time" a sequence so that it fits into a 30, 40, 60 minute etc. period? Thanks in advance for your input! =)
  3. Thanks for your help, Danielle! =)
  4. Just wanted to share this with y'all because I thought it was an awesome video. =)
  5. Ah, so jealous! I'm hoping to go back and visit in the near future!
  6. I agree; the tops and bras are way too small. I know my size and, when I went to try a bra on, it definitely didn't fit and wasn't true to size.
  7. Sooo I just posted a photo on Instagram and Facebook with the link to the Miami retreat page but I don't know if the link is going to send people to the right page. I tried, but I'm sorry I'm not tech savvy! I really wish I could go; I'd love to get away from the cold and just be back on the beach. I hope everything works out and that you'll still have a great retreat!
  8. Mkay just on a quick unrelated note: I did the P90X yoga session with one of my dude roommates who was trying to do the whole series and I felt more frazzled after than before. Mostly because I felt like Tony was yelling at me the whole time hahaha! To each his own, I suppose! =D
  9. I totally get where you're coming from! Some mornings I just want to stay in bed and be warm because I know once I get up I'll be cold lol. My body also seems to feel a bit tighter in the mornings because of the cold so, if I can't do a full practice if I'm scheduled to work one day, I just do a little flow between rag doll and garland pose while I'm waiting for my tea to be done. It just feels so so good! One of the things I've been trying to do to keep me practicing is to focus on my breathing, letting go of expectations and really really slowing down my movements and transitions. I've found that sometimes it's like I'm running my own "yoga race," just trying to get through vinyasas and other flows as quickly as I can because I don't want to find discomfort in those positions. So lately I've been trying to focus on how everything feels in my body, especially those transitions that I'd rather breeze through and avoid.
  10. Krysta, I totally feel ya! I've been keeping up a home practice since late last July because 1. classes can definitely be mad expensive, 2. I sometimes have transportation issues and 3. sometimes class schedules just don't fit with my schedule. It's super awesome that you're doing everything you can to grow your home practice! I'm a fan of Candace's Sweat DVD (see here!) and Kathryn Budig's Aim True DVD. If a library near you has yoga DVDs, I would totally check those out. I borrowed a ton in the past week or so but haven't gotten around to using them yet haha! I'll have to let you know if there are any others that I like. Hope this helps! =)
  11. Thanks for your suggestions, Katie! =)
  12. I like to do hip openers because I can physically feel tightness and discomfort in my hips and low back if I don't do them. It just feels good to me and my body feels better and more open. I feel like an old lady creaking around if I don't hahaha! =D
  13. Thanks Candace and Mana! I'm super appreciative of your support! =)
  14. Hi Laura! I first started practicing yoga at a Bikram studio and I would go to their 60 minute condensed version of the Bikram series. (The 90 minute Bikram class has each pose repeated twice, while the 60 minute one had each pose only done once.) I actually didn't know that Bikram yoga was different from any other type of yoga class at the time haha! I loved it; it was a good physical challenge but it also helped me focus and relax. If you want to get a feel for it, I'd see if your studio offers the 60 minute condense version. I hope that helps and that you enjoy the practice! Hope to hear how you like it! =)
  15. Mkay confession: I almost cried on my yoga mat yesterday. I've read that some people feel an emotional release after doing lots of heart-opening and I've always been skeptical about this. Whelp, I definitely felt the tears welling up after practicing dancer's pose. I think it's stemming from a bit of pent-up frustration because I don't really feel or see any progress in my chosen pose. My back has been feeling a little tighter than usual; maybe I'm focusing too much on spinal flexion and extension? Maybe I should do some more rotation and twists? I dunno, but I took a step back and didn't practice my chosen pose today. I might have to avoid it for a while and then come back to it. I'm trying to honor my body, but it's pretty hard when my ego thinks that I can keep pushing it. Ah here's to being patient with myself!
  16. Thanks Candace! =)
  17. Ah I agree! I took the leap and splurged for one about a month ago and I've been in love ever since. I remember thinking when I first started practicing on it, "Oh this is what it's supposed to feel like to practice yoga without slipping?" Haha!
  18. Hmmm...I think it just depends on how you feel when you walk your hands or feet in. Sometimes I'll walk my feet in or even lift my heels to go on tippy toes to go a little deeper in the pose. My lower back has been feeling a little tight and slightly achy lately. I've been trying to do some hip opening to see if that alleviates some of the awkward feelings in my lower back; does anyone have suggestions to help with my lower back?
  19. I know this probably isn't going to be super helpful, but I remember when I would go to yoga classes after not consistently practicing for a while, I would feel a bit of soreness the next day. I think it's just that my muscles weren't used to being worked in those ways when I wasn't practicing yoga consistently. The little bit of soreness, for me, I think is just a side effect of working out.
  20. When I practice dancer's pose, I usually hold the pose until I feel the most sensation in it (does that make sense) or until I feel like I've reached my edge. I think it's easier for me to focus on feeling rather than counting the number of breaths I've taken. Since it's the beginning of the project, maybe 3-7 breaths in the pose is a good range? I hope that's helpful! =)
  21. I think it does require a bit of shoulder flexibility. I definitely couldn't flip my grip until I started working on flexibility in the upper back and shoulders and opening up the chest. Practicing sphinx, cobra and upward facing dog should help open up your chest and shoulders. Candace also has a post on three poses to open up the chest here. For flipping your grip, I found this article to be really helpful. Hope that helps! =)
  22. I know that, if you're practicing Bikram yoga (or another hot yoga practices), they tell you to bring water if you need it (the Bikram studio I practiced at before recommended it). I generally don't like to drink water while practicing yoga, no matter if the class is heated or not or if I'm just practicing at home, simply because I don't like the feel of water moving around in my stomach. Like Jasmine said, feeling the water in my stomach, especially in twists or abdomen squeezing postures, just doesn't feel good to me. I don't think it's bad for your health or ruining your practice. I think it's really up to you and how you feel about drinking water during your practice. I definitely don't like drinking water for the reasons above and I do like to keep flowing through my postures, but you should do what feels best for you! =)
  23. mmosier71, your crow pose is totally getting there! Make sure to really engage your core and imagine that, as you are engaging your core, it's helping you lift your feet up closer to your bum. Try to get your knees as high up on the back of your arms as much as you can. Really press into the mat, look forward and lean forward. Be brave and don't worry about falling over; I had to fall over A LOT before I got to fly haha! Keep working on core and upper body strength to get into more of the arm balances. And if you keep practicing your crow consistently, you'll get to the others soon! I have pretty tight hips too (they used to be even tighter from all the running around when I was younger and before I consistently started practicing yoga!) and I used to absolutely loathe pigeon pose! Making friends with that pose and its variations has really helped. I'm also a big fan of happy baby, fire logs pose and supta gomukhasana. Standing pigeon also feels really good. High lunge can be a good hip opener as well if you really engage the back leg and try to push the heel back towards the ground (does that make sense?). Candace posted a 15 minute morning practice for hips a few weeks ago too! I hope this helps! =)
  24. I have seriously been wanting a new pair of yoga pants myself lately since one out of two of mine are too big for me now. The other yoga pants that I own are by a brand called Yogasmoga. I love love LOVE them so much! Their Tippy Toe Leggings have been ranked the #1 opaque leggings on Rank & Style (see I own their Ballerina Leggings in Grey Caviar/Crimson Rose; they are opaque and so comfortable that I just want to live in them! Seriously, there are so many good things about Yogasmoga that I love! They use high quality fabrics made in the USA. Their customer service is IMPECCABLE! I'm always really nervous about buying things online since I'm worried it's not going to fit. I spent probably an hour and a half chatting with one of their customer service representatives about sizes and other questions and they were super friendly and helpful. They helped me figure out my size and the leggings and bra I bought fit perfectly! Oh, they also have free shipping and handling to the US and Canada. If the regular priced items are too out of budget for you, I definitely recommend looking at their One 2 Many section, which is their sale items section. I hope this helps and that you find a pair of leggings that you love soon! =)
  25. I love this thread and have been waiting to get a chance to respond! I learned about yoga bit by bit in college. I remember specifically following a yoga dvd I borrowed from the library one day between classes sophomore year, but it wasn't until my second trip to India in January 2012 that I really started to practice and fall in love with yoga. One of the student participants and one of the adult leaders on my trip were both yogis and they gave us a little taste of yoga and meditation during our evening group reflection sessions. When I got back to school, I found a Groupon for a local studio that I could easily walk to (in the dead of winter too haha!) since I didn't have a car and didn't want to have to take public transit. I LOVED this studio so much. It's located in a repurposed two-story house in one of my favorite neighborhoods in Buffalo and the people there were so friendly and encouraging. I loved the big windows that let in the natural sunlight. I started practicing Bikram yoga and later fell in love with their flow classes. Practicing yoga helped me feel strong and grateful for all the things my body could do since I'd struggled a lot with body image (still do sometimes, but I get a bit better about it day by day). When my Groupon was over, I tried to practice in the mornings before class at home using videos on YouTube. I eventually fell out of the practice for a bit because of moving and various transitions that year. When I moved to Dallas later that year, I couldn't go to any studios to practice yoga because I didn't have a car (everything is bigger in Texas; you have to drive everywhere!) and public transit stinks there. Being a first year teacher was crazy enough, so I'd only go when one of my roommates could drop me off and pick me up. I was better my second year of teaching when I got a car and was able to commit to buying a membership to the studio I really liked. I even tried to practice at home some more. I even practiced with one of my guy roommates once (but it was the P90X yoga that he was doing and I didn't appreciate Tony Horton yelling at me the whole time haha!). I kept coming back to this feeling of self-love, calm and gratitude every time I practiced yoga, but more transitions threw me for a loop and the practice halted again. Late last July, as my life plans weren't working out as expected, I came back to yoga as a means to be more active and do something with my body. (It was also too hot to run outside haha!) I found Candace's YouTube channel and a couple others that I really liked and I started practicing yoga at home because I was super broke. I started one day, did it again the next day, and the next, and the next. And I'm so so proud to say that I've been consistently practicing at home for the past how many months woohoo! Yoga has become something that I do for me and I always look forward to practicing. On days when I'm just being lazy, I remind myself how good I feel after practicing to motivate myself and I've never regretted a practice! Now I'm able to do things I never thought I'd be able to do (hello supported headstand!) and I'm so grateful for all the growth I've seen in my yoga practice and daily life. =)