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  1. Today it was Rihanna, Bruno Mars and Cristina Aguilera. I like their music but not during yoga You are right yogafire maybe it's time to practice with no music and wear ear plugs. I love that Candace's videos have no music because I can play my music with her instruction. It's Perfection. Larry the white noise like Indian tunes are what I love!!!! I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but that's what I love listening to before, during and after yoga class. I have tons of albums on my phone. Instead of earbuds it will be ear plugs. Both of you are right. Maybe it's time for me to start practicing with Silence. The universe always has a way of telling you what you need.
  2. Thanks yogafire! Thanks Larry! I wish music weren't such a big deal for me but it is. It helps me concentrate and it makes me feel good. The only reason I asked was because I thought for sure she would say she didn't care. LOL!! I hadn't asked the previous two instructors. I just wore them. In all honesty I think the instructors are offended that I don't like their music. But class isn't about the instructor and their wishes, its about the participants, right? As long as you're not being disrespectful and disruptive and my safety is not in danger, who cares if I wear my earbuds. I just signed a two year contract (prior to knowing about the music). But I am considering paying the cancellation fee. I'm sure the gym management is going to get a kick out of my reason for cancelling "instructor wouldn't let me wear my earbuds during class," Talk about being a bad yogi. LOL! I really do enjoy the gym and classes. I just wish the yoga instructors didn't care if I had my earbuds.
  3. I love everything about my instructors and classes except the music. Music is a big deal for me. All of the instructors say “it’s your yoga, it’s your practice.” So in that spirit I started wearing my earbuds. One instructor cranked up her music even louder, another said I couldn't wear them to her class because she didn't want to encourage other people bringing their phones to her class. After this I stopped wearing my earbuds. If I could just listen to my music, I would have a beautiful class all the time! My phone is always on silent/no vibration/air plane mode during class. I have been a witness to some one talking or texting during class. It's horrible and I would never do that. I usually set up in a corner way in the back. I don't think another participant in class has ever noticed that I was wearing my earbuds. I have the Bose noise cancelling earbuds that plug into my phone. They block out everything except the instructors voice. I don’t want to make the extra expense and buy wireless and use my apple watch to transmit music. But this would eliminate the phone issue. Am I being crazy? Should I just let this go and listen to the music they play? I want to rebel and use my earbuds but feel like I’m being a bad yogi.