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  1. I was having issues with my phone. Also, I didn't know that you have to post a picture first before being able to post on the forum. Thanks for looking into it. On a different subject, I like the idea of purchasing the videos to take the practice anywhere with out wifi. I was wondering if it would be possible to take the sequences you have in Namaslay and make a spiral bound book? I love the book and sometimes I don't take my phone with me if I'm practicing outside. If it is possible to just take the yoga sequencing pictures and laminating them into a spiral book that way the pages are thicker and won't be flying with the wind.
  2. Thanks, will definitely be trying this out. It will probably help to have good posture when sitting.
  3. I am having trouble using the forum on the app to make posts. In order to post on the forum I have to click on the "links" in the app and then scroll to the bottom and click on "ybcforum". Is there a way to post directly on the forum from the app? I click on "forum" on the bottom off the app but it doesn't give me an option to actually post.
  4. Thanks for the input as well as the pic. Very helpful and informative. I'm doing yoga in my own. I'm using namaslay book as well as the videos on the YBC app. I'm not fully able to straighten my back all the way yet, but I'm working on lower back flexibility. I'm probably not puffing out my chest enough, and when I bend back I tend to lose my balance.
  5. I feel tightness in my hips doing this pose but it's not painful. Does my bent leg and hip have to be fully on the floor? Also when I lean forward to rest my head on the floor my hips remain hovering avoided the floor. Any suggestions. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Candace. I will be on the look out for yoga kids videos!
  7. Hi Candace reading from NC. Completely new to yoga. Do you have any tips or poses for kids? My 6 year old loves doing yoga with me. Any recommendations. Thank you!