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  1. Received my certification! CYT-200!
  2. CYT-200 YAY!
  3. I think it's wonderful that you are following your instincts, YogiKris. I also believe that if we truly want something---the Universe will provide. I also think we must use our best judgement as opportunities arise, as you have. The Universe will provide you the RIGHT fit for you!! It just hasn't come, yet. Sincerely, Jen
  4. @YogiKris I found this forum, today, because I, too, was letting that self-doubt get to me. I received my 200-hour certificate last July (2016). While I usually have more than 3 students per class, my growth has been slow. Some days I may have 7-10 yogis...other days, maybe 5. The number of students varies each week. This, sometimes, makes me question myself and I begin to wonder if I'm even doing anyone any good with my instructing. It can be tough, I know how you feel. Let's hang in there and give it some time! Just remember, you are not alone!