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    Hi Everyone, 
    I am somewhat new to yoga. I have had my good days and my bad days while at yoga. Some days, I completely forget about the outside world and even everyone in the class and just focus on being present throughout the practice. However, lately I have been having a very difficult time staying focused through an entire class and end up wishing the class would end early. I can't seem to break out of this negative thought pattern.
    For example. Bending over in a pose and noticing my stomach and small little rolls that form when bending over. From there my mind starts to wander about what I've been eating and how I need to be better about eating healthy (although I am a pretty healthy person). There are times when I can focus back on the mat, however, the next time we bend over the thought process spirals again. I feel like I end up leaving more stressed than when I came to practice. I've noticed this typically happens after a weekend where I went out and probably had a few too many drinks and stayed out a little too late. I don't want to give up going and having a good time with friends... But at the same time I want to continue to see the progression with my yoga practice.
    Any advice on how to work on this?