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  1. I did the first day yesterday because I can't read apparently BUT I am so in !! I needed this because I felt like my yoga and my workouts have been hitting a plateau. If anyone needs an accountability partner let me know !
  2. Oh my lanta, making this tonight!
  3. YES! I love MMA, I wish there was an affordable kickboxing studio around where I live, I used to do a class whenever I would go visit my sister and it was the best workout. I'll have to look into a kettlebell, I'm not very familiar with it so thanks for the idea !
  4. Where do you get your inspiration for new workouts and sequences? I usually do some warm up, a little toning and abs, and then some yoga after a run if it's not too hot. But recently i'm kinda at a stand still and haven't been feeling as sore as I usually do (best feeling ever) So what kinds of things do you do?!
  5. Now, I'm not sure if this is a life changing book, but it's a book that has changed the way I think. Freakonomics (the movie is great too, but there's more in the book). It's a very basic intro to Game Theory which is a branch of economics and I'm a total geek. I find that whenever I pick it up it reminds me to think a different way - I recommend it to everyone
  6. I'm not a vegan, but I've been a vegetarian for 8 years. I believe I could be a full vegan if I wanted to, but I don't see the point in limiting myself. I eat eggs and fish (infrequently, but still). Eggs are an important staple to my diet, I eat them for protein, and they make for a quick and easy meal whenever I need them. Sometimes, I just I really want sushi, I think depriving myself of that or anything that you really want creates a bad relationship with food. So for me, I make sure I eat healthful and wholesome as often as I can, but if I'm craving chocolate I'll eat it. Okay, in all honesty chocolate is the only reason I don't commit to the vegan Anyway! I actually just read about this hybrid diet of a paleo and vegan diet called pegan. I am currently reading the book and it seems pretty manageable to me. It has great options if you're already a vegan, but it also doesn't seem that restricting to a person who is a meat eater. I hope you find the right plan that works for you!
  7. I love my Jade Harmony Mat! The only thing is I wish I had got one of the bright colors because whenever my dog walks on it her hair is everywhere and I feel like you'd be able to see it less on a brighter mat...but that's honestly the only complaint I have Oh! Happy belated birthday I'd love to know what you think of the professional! Is it thicker than the Harmony ? I was worried that my harmony mat wouldn't provide enough cushioning on my knees but I've been quite comfortable with it!
  8. I got mine and filmed this little unboxing video for my YouTube Channel, I love watching unboxing videos of beauty boxes, healthy living and things like that so I though why not share what I got?!? let me know what you think! I love everything in the box...the emmy's macaroons didn't even make it to the end of filming the video hahaha they are SO good! I think I've tried everything in the box except for the salve...can someone tell me what I should use it for?? I am so not fancy enough hahaha. I used the soulful essence mat cleaner after my yoga in the park session and I like it a lot! I also though it was so sweet that the company took the time to post on my instagram saying that they hope I enjoy the mat cleaner, such a good feeling and that is a great quality for a company to have!! Candace - If you do decide to make it open for the masses and everyone I'm local and would be happy to help, that way I can make sure there are no crickets in mine
  9. I'm sorry to hear your migraines are so bad, I know the feeling they are TERRIBLE. I too suffered from migraines, and still do occasionally. At their worst, I would get one once a week. UGH! I've done a lot of research and experimented with some things myself, so these are what worked for ME and what I learned, so I am not sure how they will work for you, but I hope something helps! For me, I can sort of feel a migraine coming along. When I do I try and think of the following things, Is it the time of the month (if yes, there's really nothing I can do, or at least I haven't found it yet) Did I get enough sleep (I usually never have a problem of not getting enough sleep - nothing comes between me and my bed, ha!) Diet - When I don't watch what I eat and find myself eating a lot more carbs I noticed I would get a migraine, also if I wasn't eating enough! Hangry+migraine=duck and cover! Water - If I am not hydrated enough I know I will get a migraine. Most of my migraines would be after a weekend, and I am embarrassed to say that for whatever reason I just don't as much water as I should on the weekends. I've been working on it and seen a significant change. Weather pattern - I read this fascinating article about barometric pressure headaches and I can honestly say that I feel it, and others too! People in my office who had never had a migraine experienced them for the first time last week. I live in New England and we had cold rainy days followed by a sharp change the next day to temps in the high 80's! There's more to barometric changes then just temperature, but basically if I can rule out the other four causes for my migraines, and I know the weather has been funky then it's usually this. I hope some of this helped! Once again, I'm not a doctor this is just what I've found to work for me. None of these are crazy things, but I think you should still consult with a doctor or a Neurologist regarding your migraines. Hope you feel better soon!
  10. Currently reading and loving "don't sweat the small stuff, and it's all small stuff" by Richard Carlson. I actually have been carrying it with my everywhere I go
  11. I have large breasts for my size. It's strange but i never felt pain, or at least I didn't realize it. I have a couple of suggestions that have helped me! 1. I do yoga, I know you do too but i did this yoga video serioes (the name escapes me right now...) and it had a lot of cobra, super man, and other poses that make your back stronger...DO THEM! now that my back is stonger I can tell I'm standing taller and my shoulders hurt less. 2. get goooooood bra. I know for yoga most people get light support bras because you're supposed to be free. All my sports bras are High impact, maybe a couple are medium support, like my tata tamer from lululemon. you can get fitted for a sports bra at macys or nordstrom and it is going to cost a lot, but it's totally worth it.Once you know what you like you can search online and find some for cheap. (also if you fall in love with a really expensive one, sometimes certain colors go on sale !) I know these aren't a lot but I hope they were helpful! I run all the time in the spring and summer and I never have any trouble anymore.
  12. I live by my planner and to do lists. If it's not written down, it's not happening.
  13. I just put an Instagram post up and I will write a blog post that I will put up tonight. My blog is a craft blog but I always talk about yoga and I know a lot of my viewers read from the northeast, hopefully it'll be the perfect opportunity for them to get some sun! I saw your newsletter e-mail this morning and I quickly checked to see if I had time off to take only to find out I have a business trip during the week of the retreat. . I hope the spots fill up !
  14. I read the most reviews for the Jade Harmony mat and I liked it a lot! but, since my boyfriend wants to get me my new mat I told him to surprise me . Maybe the yoga studio will let you try the mat just to see how it feels??
  15. seems I need to buy one sooner rather than later because my dog decided to pee on my yoga mat.