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    tree pose and child's are always so centering and relaxing (respectively) But, I love trying new poses and challenging myself.
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    sugar cane does not make for happy hips!
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    my dog is a completely mess, with anxiety and OCD...But he loves me unconditionally, and that's all a girl can ask for!
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    Travel....All of the time!
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    Um...ALL OF THEM! Just kidding. But I really cannot pick a favorite.
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    This list is constantly changing
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    Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory are my two absolute faves.
  1. Thank you all so much for your input! All of you gave such great advice. I may check into correspondence classes like YogiKris suggested, and in the meantime, perhaps I can manipulate my husband into letting me work with him Thanks again, to all of you!
  2. Good morning, everyone! I have a question about leading a yoga session without having your teacher cert. ***Disclaimer: I am coming here with this question because I absolutely do not want to be irresponsible or put someone at risk for injury! I just love yoga and want to get my feet wet teaching to see if it is something I would enjoy. The area I live in has not quite jumped on the yoga bandwagon. Most of the classes available are offered in gyms and are multi-level inclusive (not that that's a bad thing, but classes on specific types of yoga, workshops, etc. are in short supply). So, I have always practiced yoga on my own, using supplemental materials such as the YBC blog, videos, and now, Namaslay. I've been thinking about getting my teacher cert., to make yoga more accessible in my area, but am currently a stay at home mom with a small child, so that's not in the cards for me at this point in my life. Lately, I've been toying with the idea of perhaps leading a small group in informal sessions such as at the park on the weekends (I would make it clear that I am not certified). There would be no charge for the sessions, and it would mainly be a way for a small group of people to come together and experience a "basic" yoga flow. However, without my certification, I don't want to be irresponsible and I also don't want to be held liable on the off chance that an injury takes place (I saw some posts on yoga teacher insurance.) I guess what I am basically asking is this: 1. Is it irresponsible to lead a session (I don't want to call it a class since I'm not certified) without certification? and 2. Could I be held liable for any potential injury? I appreciate any thoughts/comments. Thanks, and enjoy your day!
  3. My name is Chey, and while I've been following YBC for about two years now, I've never really reached out. But now, with the motivation to really jumpstart my yoga practice and dedicate myself to being a better, happier person, I'm interested in becoming a part of a like-minded, kindness-centered community! A little about me-- I'm a writer, avid reader, television junkie, feminist, wife, mother, and a lover of yoga, coffee, travel, and music that speaks to my soul. I'm not usually one for online forums, but I wanted to reach out and hopefully interact with positive, open-minded people. **Candace, I absolutely adore your blog. Your particular approach to the practice has helped to motivate me to slowly incorporate a more stable yoga practice into my life, and I'm pushing myself to try learning more and practicing more. Your story is inspiring, and I admire you so much for really going out and living your life! Thank you for providing such an inspirational space. Namasté, everyone!