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  1. A bowl of yogurt with some chopped fresh/dried fruits and nuts as well as a peanut/almond butter would be a great post work out breakfast. If you need something heavier try adding oatmeal and maybe some chia,flax or hemp seeds.
  2. I would start by cooking some of my own meals. If you already do that, try making your meals using complimentary colored food, or/and spices. Or even just try to get one thing of every color and make something out of all of it.
  3. I can recommend taking a 20 minute nap once a day through out your busy week. It may not even feel like you slept, and you don't have to fall asleep' laying down and closing your eyes still has a great effect.
  4. Planks/push ups on your knuckles are good for strengthening the fine motor muslces around your wrist.
  5. Have you heard of p90x? I wouldn't recommend all of it for what you;re looking for but there are a couple of workouts that would suit you nicely. They are short also and you can change them up a lot.