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  1. Just as a heads up , it's in French =D
  2. Have you tried maybe biking to work? I found that physical activity before and after my desk job helps things not get cramped up and sore as you described.
  3. I have found a few things to work. 1) Try grounding yourself at the end of the day/ a heavy emotionally charged moment. To do this preferrably go outside, shoes and socks off. Put your feet on the earth, close your eyes and release all of the other peoples emotions. Focus on yourself, the sensation of the ground, the elements around you, take some deep breaths and remind yourself that you are you and although you can empathize you don\t need to hold on to these outside emotions. 2) Take time apart from your significant other. Sometimes couples can get lost in each other. Becoming more like one or the other and losing the self. Time apart can help you both find yourselves again. It also helps to spark a desire for each other as you are not seeing each other daily.
  4. I find when I'm at 0 motivation I go to youtube and do the Bring Sally Up Squat Challenge and that gives me a boost to keep doing other workouts.
  5. Don't forget ankles, calves, quads and hammstrings!!! =D
  6. "Whenever you feel SLEEPY or taking a NAP after meditation , you were not meditating (You were SLEEPING). If you feel +ve energy, deep rest, calm mind, fresh, enthusiastic etc after meditation you were meditating." I disagree with this because I feel that depending on your personal situation and struggles meditation can actually leave you exhausted even if you do it "the right way". Although I do agree that more often than not it should leave you with more energy coming out of a meditation than going in.
  7. I personally would relate that directly to my Chakras. You could also look at it using a nutritional eye and eat foods in those color groups.
  8. I like boxer briefs because that way I can wear small shorts and my goodies aren't exposed. With boxers they are too loose and some positions may not rsult well for others. =P
  9. You can tell your boyfriend that if he does yoga that's also really good for building strength. Adding yoga to a strength training program is extremely valuable as it extends the muscles and then you get longer, more defined muscles. It also speeds up the recovery process because yoga helps flush toxins and lactic acid build up in the muscles.
  10. What I did was that I wrote down the days of the week on a piece of paper. I went through my body, top to bottom and scanned which areas I'm injured, have less flexibility, and feel could use improvement. Then I started to write down what areas of the body to focus on and assigning it to a day of the week, making sure to leave at least a day in between the same body region being worked on. I find when my motivation is low that I like to watch videos because then my goal is to finish the video and I end up doing my full 30-60 min of yoga instead of giving up after 5-10 min.
  11. I feel like round is great for at home or in a studio with barely anyone in it.
  12. Yin yoga I feel is definitely the way to go if you seem to be really tight. Nice long poses will let you really get into those areas. As far as results go that varies greatly from person to person. I would say though if you really pay attention to your progress and are consistent you should see results in 4-8 weeks.
  13. A bowl of yogurt with some chopped fresh/dried fruits and nuts as well as a peanut/almond butter would be a great post work out breakfast. If you need something heavier try adding oatmeal and maybe some chia,flax or hemp seeds.
  14. I would start by cooking some of my own meals. If you already do that, try making your meals using complimentary colored food, or/and spices. Or even just try to get one thing of every color and make something out of all of it.
  15. I can recommend taking a 20 minute nap once a day through out your busy week. It may not even feel like you slept, and you don't have to fall asleep' laying down and closing your eyes still has a great effect.