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    Crow, side crow, sundial, wheel
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    Baby Grasshopper, headstand
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    My kitty Zoe is my first baby. She's almost 7 and sleeps on me every night. My son's dog, Rue, is 4 - the same age as he is - and is a terrier mix with a LOT of energy!
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    Travel the world photographing everything and practicing yoga with my husband and son.
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    11/22/63; The Hobbit; The Kite Runner
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    Doctor Who, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars
  1. Hello, my name is Ashley, I'm 29 and I'm a mom and wife and I live in a small town in Colorado. I have chronic illnesses that have lead me to pushing my yoga practice forward in hopes of regaining mobility and strength. Since November, I've been able to stop walking with a cane and have gained muscle, which has helped my joints to not dislocate as often as they usually do. Candace's brand of yoga and her videos have been absolutely perfect for me and have given me so many parts of my life back! I look forward to continuing on in my practice, gaining strength, and getting to know all of you here. ✌🏻namaste!