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  1. 19 minutes ago, LarryD517 said:

    5? I get to my office around 5, so I can get to the nearby gym when it opens at 6

    I haven't slept past 5 in a long time :) 

    Yowza! I used to have a job like that. I know it's hard and some people do it every day. It's just really hard with chronic fatigue and illnesses. :/ Still... ?? go, you! Haha 

  2. 8 hours ago, LarryD517 said:

    I'm not a mom, but why don't you set your alarm clock to wake up a half hour earlier (or set up a play date with a neighbor to keep him occupied)?

    All good ideas, those aspects are just super unpredictable for us. :/ Our neighborhood is mainly retired folks and one young couple. BUT, one neighbor does watch her granddaughter from time to time and the girl gets along with my son really well, so there may be something there! Thanks for planting that seed in my brain! Waking up earlier would be so wonderful. And that actually seemed to work well during the school year so I could get in a quick 15 minute morning wake up yoga flow done, but ever since school ended, my son's waking times have been so unpredictable. Maybe I need to just suck it up, set the alarm for 5:00 and just do it, and then cross my fingers that he naps! Lol


    thanks for the reply! ?

  3. *I could also benefit from the input of working moms too. I know you ladies have as hard of a time "fitting" this stuff into your schedules. I just thought stay at home moms - or even dads - might relate a little more specifically. 


    Help! lol My son, Connor, is 4.5 years old and just finished his first year of PreK. He is an only child, and the older he gets, the more I find that he requires/desires my attention/entertainment! lol I've been able to adapt pretty well each year, because he has always played on his own really well. But now that he's so used to the interactions and stimulation from school, he's much more easily bored at home. So, this summer I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find real time to dedicate to my workouts and especially yoga. Yoga is my main "thing", and any day I don't do it, I end up waking the next morning feeling so stiff and I can tell my mood suffers. So, what do you do? Any wisdom that moms of older kids (or multiple children) can share with me? I have tried having him do it with me, but he's not gonna sit there for a full 20 minutes (which is my minimum) when he can only do a couple of poses anyway. I'm feeling frustrated (and stiff)! Help! 

  4. Hello, my name is Ashley, I'm 29 and I'm a mom and wife and I live in a small town in Colorado. I have chronic illnesses that have lead me to pushing my yoga practice forward in hopes of regaining mobility and strength. Since November, I've been able to stop walking with a cane and have gained muscle, which has helped my joints to not dislocate as often as they usually do. Candace's brand of yoga and her videos have been absolutely perfect for me and have given me so many parts of my life back! I look forward to continuing on in my practice, gaining strength, and getting to know all of you here. :) 


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