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    i have 2 cats
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    if it's a lot of money, i'd giveway most of it. since i'm not a person in need. but there are people out there who need it more than i do.
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    i did recently read "the red queen", my best so far
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    my wife and kids
  1. Hello everyone, i'm vladimir from bulgaria i recently joined Yoga classes alongside my daughter ( she's a strong warrior who survived cancer ) i wanted to get her all the yoga equipment she wanted ( yoga pants / sport bras / yoga mats ) but the thing is i'm running on a strict budget due to medicament prices. I don't want her to know about my situation yet i really can't afford very expensive stuff and want her also to be happy. So far i found this shop which is offering equipment with rather rational prices to other online shops.(link removed) But i have no idea on the normal yoga gear prices. Any thoughts? i'd appreciate all the help, and would be really grateful. Any other suggestions are welcome, if there's somewhere i can find cheaper things do tell please. Thank you.