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  1. Thank you Yogafire! I'm still getting a hang of the lingo. I hope that people see my process and inner growth when they see my practice, not just the postures.
  2. Sorry I'm a bit late here, but hello and welcome! How has your practice been going since you posted? Headstands are a great goal; I personally have found it most beneficial to focus on building strength by learning basic alignment and poses. This has led me to naturally develop more advanced postures while ensuring I'm doing them safely. It's a wonderful and exciting process to watch unfold. I can't wait to hear how your practice is going!
  3. LarryD517, thank you for your quick response! Your response does give me context to better understand what it means. I'm grateful to be among supportive people in my practice. When people say that to me though, I want to laugh and respond, "My practice is just the result of a self-defeating perfectionist trying to keep herself in check," but I smile and say thank you. :). I'm excited to have discovered these forums and connect more other people!
  4. What does it mean when someone says you have a beautiful practice?