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  1. Hello everyone, I have just joined this forum. I hope you accept me here with my word.
  2. I was a Dance instructor in the initial school or college days, when I used to take dance classes for almost full day. But, When I moved ahead in my carrier I joined a MNC as a php developer where I used to work in long shifts and I left any physical exercise. After few years, I suffered with back pain and shoulder pain badly and that is the time when I started doing yoga at the start to get relief from my back pain. But, after doing it for few months I really enjoyed it started doing it regularly. That is how I moved into the world of Yoga and get a good life ahead.
  3. Yoga Teacher Training program is one of the best thing you are going to choose for the rest of your life. Its one of the best way to transform your life towards Yoga. Let me share my life experience when I started Yoga almost 6 years back. I was very nervous at the start as I didn't have any experience of doing Yoga before. I started my journey in Rishikesh which is situated in Himalyas India and I stayed there for two years when I started learning Yoga from the Teachers. Here is the list of some important points that you should look in your Teacher before you start searching for your Yoga Teacher: The Teacher must be certified yoga teacher with having a good experience in teaching yoga.
  4. I just checked this list and feel proud that I'm a member of Yogabycandacce. Congrats Team for the wonderful work
  5. This is very useful post.
  6. haha, that's really funny
  7. This is really awesome, I wish that I had joined you guys there
  8. I am not the yoga teacher, but my yoga training in progress. Teacher in this forum have the different badge, that is quite helpful to stay in talk flow.
  9. "Omh" is best chanting word while doing meditation.
  10. Hello to all members.