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    travel, read and do sport all the times
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  1. Hi everyone, my name's Giusy and I come from Italy. I happened to know about Yoga by Candance by serfing the net to find the right stretch for my ITB. I am a runner/trail runner and I was forced to stop running for almost 7 weeks and in the mean time just stretch, and stretch and stretch apart from weekly fisiotherapy which consists mainly on massages and from last week tecar therapy. I found stretching quite boring at the beginnning but thanks to Candance found a literally " new world". I am now having a daily routine of the 15 gentle morning Yoga and after every run ( 3 times a week now that I've started from beginning) I do the after run Yoga. I am enjoying it very much and feel I am developing the poses. My favourite pose so far is the pigeon one.