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  1. Its important to tune into how your body and mind feel and listen to what they need. As you advance your practice, if you listen:), you will gradually become more aware of you need. The most important thing is to listen and try and avoid "just doing yoga"...although sometimes just doing yoga might be the perfect thing lol!:)...but keep listening to your body overtime:)
  2. I was actually thinking of offering a free delicious organic beer with a new yoga class I hope to start...I particularly hope to get men to come along and in particular guys/armed forces veterans who suffer from PTSD....but anyone who would like to attend would be most welcome... its just that I can relate to the suffering of these guys and i'd like more men to experience yoga with everyone else. Now I thought maybe the beer would attract people who maybe were borderline at attending yoga......with some reflection I also thought that perhaps the state of calm or almost non thinking( with excessive consumption) is a bit like trying to achieve this through meditation no?? but with meditation we do it in a safer more conscious way??... .I'd be interested to hear what other think and I hope I haven't offended anyone.. .oh! as for alcohol consumption! as long as its not excessive on a regular basis, or, beyond safe limits I'm fine with it...beating oneself up about the occasional drink must be very damaging to a persons psyche..I see people do this self harm by beating themselves up about food all the time and its so negative. If someone offers you a beer and a delicious cake with love I say accept it with gratitude and love and let it nourish your soul!!...actually i use that rule with most important to remember ahimsa as it relates to our concept of our individual reality and "self"
  3. I often find, that if i'm doing a yin practice in particular, where poses are held for longer, I definitely have an emotional reaction. Its nearly always in Pigeon actually. I see it as a positive thing....just maybe an expression of something that needed to come out from the unconscious?? ...Kinda like when your joints crack, and the theory goes, that its gas escaping from the a good thing. Frame the emotion in a good way first and see what journey it takes you on...hold the emotion with love and then let it leave with love:)