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    Downward dog, dancer pose
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    Forward fold
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    I have two beautiful cats who I adore, and I live with 3 other cats and two puppies. I love all my fur babies.
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    Continue what I'm doing but never stress.
  1. Hello everyone! I'm Elana and I'm 25 years old. I've always admired yoga from a distance but never had the courage or motivation to start working on my own because I'm extremely inflexible, and lack the patience. I finally decided to start a little bit each day and am no longer worried that my poses look the way they do because I'm so tight. I am starting with the 30 Day Project for Tight Hips to ease my way into becoming more flexible. I just completed Day 1 today, and let me tell you, I'm even more inflexible than I realized! It's a bit discouraging but I really want to lead a healthier lifestyle and start making better choices and I believe this is a great start. I know I'm ridiculously late on the bandwagon, but I'm hoping to meet another new yogi that wants to help keep each other motivated. Please comment here or reach out to me on Instagram (elanaskye) and we can start this journey together! I love the idea of this community and I hope a year from today I can be proud of my progress. Let this challenge begin! Elana