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  1. Thanks Anahata, Well with it being so unusual a problem, I was hoping to reach out to a lot more people to see if anyone else had experienced it or had knowledge of it - which is why I posted here. I would dearly love to practice yoga, but can't because of the nausea, and am hoping there is a solution - or at least a reason. Thank you for replying x
  2. Does anyone know why I experience nausea during and after yoga, please? I am 48 and have tried yoga at 13yrs old, then later in my mid 20's, and then later again in my early 40's. I experience a strong 'motion sickness' feeling, which lasts for many hours afterwards, and is quite unpleasant. I had not eaten, just prior to the yoga class - which seems to be the only thing that the yoga instructors (I discussed this with) could come up with. I do wonder if this is an inner ear thing and not actually related to yoga? I would appreciate any advice or thoughts anyone has. Thank you Janna