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  1. Looking for a video specifically for people who already have minor back issues. Some poses can be uncomfortable for me so i was wondering if you had any idea where to find a video that might make things easier?
  2. It comes down to personal preference in my opinion. I find alcohol can lead to certain dependencies and uncomfortabilities.
  3. I like to do something light because there's nothing worse than going into my morning yoga bloated and gassy. Usually just a small salad and maybe a black coffee or green tea, then after yoga I'll have another small meal to compensate.
  4. I hear it's normal although it's never happened to me personally. I wouldn't get too worried or anxious about it just take it for what it is. If it makes you uncomfortable stick to other poses and you'll be just fine
  5. Haha i've had a similar experience. Ever since i got into yoga i've noticed more so when i have really unusual breathing habits. I tend to hold my breath or take quick sharp breaths when i'm stressed out or doing something that takes a lot of focus.
  6. Yoga can often be a not too strenuous activity so there really isn't much of a limit on how much you should do it. Of course if you're getting sore you might want to dial it back a bit but there's no reason you can't do a good lengthy exorcise every day if you have the time.
  7. Honestly this kind of thing usually feeds my anxiety. It's a great idea and all but catching my own glance every few seconds always tended to throw me off.
  8. This just comes down to personal preference to me. Something easy to stretch in i suppose. But i tend to try and wear comfortable underwear all through the day.
  9. I've been doing yoga for a few years now and honestly the biggest benefit i've found is an increase in my ability to take my time and relax. Does anyone know if there's any solid studies out there on yogas ability to help someone relax and de-stress? I'd love to show some more concrete evidence to help convince my more skeptical friends.
  10. Hey people! I'm brand new to the forum. I've been doing yoga for a couple years with my father, but never really thought to seek out a community or expand my knowledge of the craft. I'm 28 and living in canada, No idea where to start really so i guess i'll just start looking around the forum! If anyone knows some good resources to check out first feel free to let me know