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  1. My old studio had mirrors of two walls in every classroom and I LOVED it! The lighting was always dim and warm, and reflecting off of the mirrors created such a cozy, safe environment. The mirrors are also super helpful for checking alignment. Mirrors facing each other can get a little trippy, so I would avoid that.
  2. I had a jade mat and I love it. I've had to opportunity to try out a few different brands of high-end mats, and truthfully, any non-PVC mat are all pretty comparable to me, but if price is not being considered, Liforme mats have stood out to me. That being said, they are very expensive. Cork mats, like Yoloha, are also very nice, especially if you're doing hot yoga. Best budget mat? I would go with HuggerMugger. They do have PVC mats that I would avoid, but they have some nice quality non-slip ones for a fraction of the price of some other top brands.
  3. Sounds like this podcast could help you out.
  4. 200RYT here!
  5. I'm teaching a new class format called Yoga Boot Camp. It's a combination of yoga and high intensity interval training. I'm looking for songs that are upbeat but still aren't too overwhelming. I teach on a college campus, so most of the people in my class are young and fitness-oriented. Any suggestions are welcome!
  6. I would avoid a round mat unless you plan on exclusively doing yoga at home. Jade is good, but there are a lot of great mats that are cheaper. If you are looking to make an investment in this new hobby, avoid a PVC mat. They are slippery and don't last very long. Normally they contain a lot of cheap chemicals as well.
  7. I'm a college kid and I'm a yoga teacher and practitioner. I've been raised on yoga, and it has proven to be an integral part of my life, however, I know this isn't the case for everyone, and while I love yoga, I wouldn't push it onto other people, as I wouldn't want them to push their religion onto me. There are, however, instances in my life when I encounter drama, or conflict in my life, and return to my source, yoga, to find an answer. Asking others to do this as well is to ask too much, but how I can navigate these tricky situations without offending?
  8. In this day and age, it's extremely difficult to be aware of where every good or service that you are using is produced and whether or not it was created in a cruelty free way. Many chocolate bars contain cocoa picked by orphaned children in Africa. Forever21 and many other "fast fashion" companies make a profit by producing their garments in sweat shops over seas. I'm a vegan, and I try to be as cruelty free as possible, but at the end of the day, ahimsa refers to living a conscious life. If to you, that means not drinking alcohol, then that's great, but like all pearls of wisdom, it's not meant to be taken to any debilitating extremes.