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  1. Hi Candace! I love your blog and your suggestions. I have been following your blogs and videos and you are an amazing teacher. I hope to come to one of your retreats some day! So, here is myu problem. I have been having some trouble with my back, like back pain and knots. The massages, certain yoga poses, baths and balms give me temporary relief. I have been told my back muscles are weak. I would really appreciate it if you could suggest or provide a yoga routine focused on using and strenthening back muscles. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hi Candace, I love your blog! Thank you. In the recent past I have been struggling with back pain, especially my trapezius, it is knotted and tight. I have tried massages and heat packs and few other methods. But this starts from my job where I sit and work all day, so eventually it always comes back and is kinda unavoidable. Do you have suggestions about any yoga poses that I could practice everyday to have some sort of relief? Thanks in advance!
  3. I run and practice yoga too. I used to run about 2 miles for 5 days/week. With that it was hard to do yoga before and too tired after. Now I have a week of variety, where I do yoga or run or other kind of workout each day and also add a resting day. Its been pretty good so far.
  4. I am currently building my core and upper body strength. So, any pose that requires upper body strength is difficult for me like the crow pose and the forearm stand.
  5. Hey, I totally uderstand what you are saying. I have a busy student schedule and work apart from that time. Yoga classes outside of school are expensive for me to go to and those in school are at times when i can't make it. When I first decided to do yoga as a routine it was hard. Seeing how I was not as good as I expected made it worse. But then I started looking at progress I was making ever day or every week and that encouraged me a lot! I kind of had a "yoga journal" which helped me see how I had been working on it. I would be at the mat just to see more results. Or you can practice yoga with a friend. In that case you will push you forward to do it. Or if you prefer to practice by yourself you can have some one to account to or a friend that will help you by asking you and reminding you. Hope this helps