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  1. I delivered my second child a few weeks ago, and have the green light to resume my practice. (Yay!) My hips really moved fast and far with this pregnancy, so I'm experiencing some discomfort/mild pain now as my pelvis moves back into its normal position. Can anyone suggest some gentle poses that would help alleviate this pain? Everything I keep finding is designed for loosening and opening the hips, but I have the opposite issue right now. I'm worried an opener sequence will exacerbate the discomfort. The pain is on both sides, mostly in the natural indent of the buttock, if that helps at all. Thanks!
  2. I did meet with my midwife and have the OK to exercise. She said the discomfort would abide overtime, and that "stretching and walking" would help. She has no experience with yoga however so she didn't have any specifics for me. From my own experience and understanding, I assumed that hip openers wouldn't be appropriate, which is why I was looking for alternative recommendations or modifications. Anyway, thanks for your response. I'll just keep researching and adjusting on my own. Thanks!