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    Downward Dog, Urdva Hastasana, Anjaneyasana
  • Least favorite poses
    I would love to nail handstand someday but I struggle with it today, I also find Vasistasana challenging, but I don't think I actually dislike any yoga poses.
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    I am the lucky adoptee to two wonderful rescue dogs!
  • If I won the lottery I would...
    Probably open my own yoga studio and work there a lot, open retreat centers in beautiful locales worldwide, have my own personal studio in my backyard for family & friends to practice in, own acreage somewhere in the Pacific Northwest with lots of organic veggies growing, ride bikes and walk everywhere and not own a car.
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    Magical Journey by Katrina Kenison, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, Yin Yoga: Outline of a Quiet Practice by Paul Grilley,
  • Favorite movies
    Star Wars original triology and some of the newer ones, most Wes Anderson films, Labyrinth
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    Gilmore Girls, So You Think You Can Dance, Parks and Recreation, prefer YouTube to TV these days
  1. I completed an amazing 200-hour teacher training in May 2017, (just a few months ago.) I enjoyed the training so much. It was incredibly transformative, totally deepened my practice and improved my teaching. At times it shook me to the core and broke down all my confidence, which I think is required in a good training in order to rebuild your foundations as a teacher - especially if you've already been teaching prior to beginning your training. Ultimately I emerged feeling more confident in my ability to share yoga's best gifts with others. It took an intense amount of work, energy and determination to get through (this was a nine-month weekend program that I took in another town, requiring me to travel quite a long ways to get there once per month.) Anything worth doing is not likely to come easy, I suppose! I know that I will eventually want to go on and earn my 500-hour certification, but I'm not sure which aspect of yoga I want to specialize in. It seems like there are a lot of directions one can go, schools one can choose from and potential paths to follow. I have noticed that the 500-hour track offerings tend to encourage Yogis to select one specific area of study. I am having a difficult time deciding where and what (aside from simply 'more yoga') calls my heart to delve into more deeply. I suppose / hope / pray the answer will come when it is time for me to take that step. Maybe what I need now is to process all that I've recently experienced and really integrate that whole part of the journey into my life as a teacher and a yogi before I jump into another training. I agree with what YogiKris says about researching, then meditating on it and following your heart. Everything she mentioned is excellent advice for certain. And yet... when I meditate on my OWN future trainings... the answers remain murky! It's like shaking a Magic 8 Ball and being told, 'ask again later!' Ha ha.
  2. Hello, I am Alisa and I am reading from Las Vegas, Nevada. Good to see that this forum exists!