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    The Warrior Poses and Cobra
  • Least favorite poses
    I'm very new to yoga and am quite the inflexible dude, so most are very challenging
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    Had a Terantula named Hector back in Ireland, but couldn't bring him to the States when I moved
  • If I won the lottery I would...
    Travel extensively, mostly off the beaten path, but catching as many of the great archeological sites along the way and learning how to cook a local-dish in each of the places I feel an affinity towards, Become a Gentleman Farmer and travel to the city to work in a PAL-V(if they ever become a thing) Buy a seat on the board of an elephant sanctuary, anonymously give to friends and family, commission art and buy back enough of my company to have the majority voting block. Oh, learn to sail properly too
  • Favorite books
    The Tao of Leadership, James Joyce's 'Ulysses' (although I revere it more than enjoy it) Joey One Way, The Master Key System, Finger Prints of the Gods, The Dragon Tattoo series as well as ASOIF and the ones I'll write.... eventually
  • Favorite movies
    Warren Beatty's, 'Reds', Apacolypto, Read my Lips (French) The Sea Inside (Spanish) The Lives of Others (German) Woody Allen's films (even the bad ones) Foul Play, True Romance and many many more
  • Favorite television shows
    Handmaids Tale, American Gods, Sopranos, Chancer, The Night Manager, Mad Men, Father Ted and Love/Hate
  1. Hello All, I've been meditating for some time and yoga seemed like a natural progression. Sometime after turning 40, I realized just how inflexible I had become and am really looking forward to becoming more limber. Also, a bit of that spark of vitality that so many yoga practitioners have would be nice as well. What I like least about yoga, is being the only guy in class. what I like most is the same thing; different classes with different energies and all. What I'm blown away by is how engaging a session is - body, mind, and soul. Be well;)