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  1. I love using the DownDog app at home as you can choose your main area of focus which is a real plus for me (great for targeting tight shoulders and upper back!) and I love the music they use, especially alt beats playlist
  2. Hi Candace! I'm reading from London Thanks for setting up such a great community - already got lots of top tips from fellow Yogis!!
  3. I have a round one (2 actually!) and I absolutely love it, it creates the perfect mental and physical space for me to meditate and be creative with my practice. I leave one out all the time at home so that I can just jump on it whenever I need a quick stretch and take the other to classes. I got mine from Form because I love their designs (I got the Cosmos one last season and NYC style for Christmas)They are machine washable too which is a real plus after hot yoga!!: I sometimes teach classes too and it's perfect as I can teach from the centre of the room which my clients always love!