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    Baby grasshopper, happy Baby Pose, pigeon pose, downward facing dog, all gentle twist body poses, chair pose
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    None anymore :-( If i could I would have a rabbit, a cat, a dog and an axolotl
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    Take a year off traveling the world supporting local communities and when being back finance my own research with public outreach
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  1. Hi everyone, I am doing Yoga also in class since over a year from time to time and since 3 month additionally 3-5 times a week on my own at home with YBC. At the beginning I noticed problems with my hips when doing standing splits or half moon pose. I paid a lot of attention to hip flexibility excersises and in general I am not bad at all when it comes to flexibility (do not need a Yoga blog or so). However when I am supposed to do these one legged standing position I always have hip pain/cramp on the side of the standing leg. I now wonder if it is due to unopen hips or if something else is wrong. Are their any poses to train/flex this area so I won’t feel that pain while doing one stand poses? Thanks for your help ?
  2. Hi I am Maria and quite new to YBC but not totally new to ?‍♀️. Reading & watching YouTube videos from Germany ?