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    Quit my job and train Yoga and martial arts all the time
  1. Name is Tim and I am in the Northeast USA
  2. Some Call Me Tim (SCMT) I am in the Northeast USA and I am a martial artists, and an on again off again yoga person. I started Yoga about 25 years ago learning Kriplau, but then stopped, returned later with Power Yoga and then stopped. Then had a friend who is a yoga therapist train me in Hatha and Prananyama because of joint issues....and I stopped. Now at over half a century old with arthritis in my hips, knees and one shoulder I have returned to Yoga and pranayama and have been training again for over a year and it has helped my joints immensely and brought back some of my flexibility. As for the marital arts bit, due to an eye issue, getting hit could blind me in my only good eye. So I have had to stop most of what I was training and mow only do Taijiquan, which I have trained regularly for 26, almost 27 years