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  1. This is very helpful Larry. Thank you!
  2. Thanks Larry. I had already done that, but was wondering if anyone else had experience in submitting articles and where they would suggest I do so. Not all magazines are submission friendly, and some only accept articles from "famous" authors or magazine insiders.
  3. Hi Everyone: As I mentioned in my previous post, I used to write articles for Yoga & Health Magazine (UK) between 1998-1999. I am interested in writing articles for yoga magazines again, and in fact, have several prepared that I think are of good quality. Can anyone recommend any yoga magazines, particularly if you had experience with them, and find them open to free-lance authors. The only requirements are that they be English publications, and that they be print rather than electronic magazines. I personally live in Canada, but don't mind publishing in other countries. Thanks! -Charles
  4. Hi Everyone: Is Yoga & Health Magazine from the United Kingdom still in circulation? I used to write articles for this publication (1998-1999), but I cannot find any online signature. I assume they are no longer around. Is Yoga Magazine (UK) their current incarnation? Their covers look similar. Thanks! -Charles