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    I have three dogs and two kittys!!! I love my furr babies!
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    Get a house with a pool, and run my wellness centre and continue training
  1. I bought it already and have been reading like crazy! That is really really cool once we are open in future I will have to look into that. Thank you! ugh all so exciting! I feel so blessed and even more blessed to have found her book, I really needed a pick me up and a change!
  2. Thank you, I actually am opening yoga room in the downstairs of my wellness centre and have great yoga instructors hired on. Its funny because I can do some more advanced things but I am not new to fitness, I typically weight lift, box, and do circus. I stepped away from circus to focus and get more into yoga, I also stepped back from weight lifting temporarily I was loosing to much mobility to fast.. I have always had back issues also even though I pick up things fast there are certain movements I cannot do. I will be not only continueing a yoga journey at home but with teachers at my wellness centre. I used to do hot yoga but I am getting more into this for me mentally and for self improvement. I will start by bending my knees slightly until i can figure it out correctly!! Thank you for your help
  3. I am new to yoga but I used to do circus like aerial hoop and trapeze. I lost a lot of mobility lifting but I stopped everything five months ago. I am just getting back into liftng and want to add yoga into my routine. Now here is the problem I have always had that has turned me off of yoga, in moves like downward facing dog and forward bending or sitting with my feet straight ahead of me, my low back always rounds out. I have gone to many people and all there advice hasnt seemed to work. I am a massage therapist and know a lot about muscles but still havnt found answers to this silly problem! Please help!