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  1. Om is the best. The best sound. The best music capable of undo all negative energies, and by the way brings tranquillity. It makes you more sattvic in mood. Another good chant is Ham-Sa. I will give a brief account of doing here. Sit in a Meditative posture Close your eyes Watch your breath, make it slow and rhythmic Chant "Ham" internally while Inhaling Chant "Sa" internally while exhaling
  2. For postural yoga sequences, 4 to 5 days per week is okay. For getting the best results, it should be on a regular basis. Missing a day or two won't make any harm. Regularity is more important than having a rest day in between or not. Even having a day's practice every week has its own benefits. To get the maximum benefits, reduce the rest days. There is no hard and fast rules. But for Pranayama techniques, practising thrice or at least twice daily is a must. For meditation, at least once daily. This is for the fitness and health approaches to yoga. For Spiritual approaches to yoga, it will be different. Hope this serves your query.
  3. This is Thirunavukkarasu from India. I am a blogger on Yoga.