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  1. Yes, it is a mini trampoline. The research I have done revealed that it is considered weight bearing exercise that will help those with osteoporosis or trying to prevent it. It does get the lymph system moving since it doesn't have a pump like the heart for the blood, the lymph system relies on movement. It exercises every cell in your body and does get the heart rate up. I am now 4 weeks in and my leg muscles are getting so toned and strong again. I am up to 10 minutes a day and started doing the workouts on the DVD provided. OMW! They are GREAT workouts for the entire body! I did the Bounce Blast last night and my legs are still humming. In 10 minutes I got a better workout than 30 minutes on the treadmill and it is WAY more FUN.
  2. I have made zucchini chips quite successfully. They didn't take that long, but the seasoning is key. I made some with just salt/pepper. On others I used cayenne. I really liked them. I just pinned another zucchini chip recipe on pinterest that I plan on trying. I love dried kale. I will eat it without any seasoning. I also like the idea of dusts! Might have to start using mine a little more than I have been.
  3. Ah, corner 2 corner. I have never heard that reference before. And the funny thing is I am knitting a blanket corner to corner now. I only have 4 projects started ... Oy! I also avoid Granny squares. I do not like weaving in ends and I worry about them coming apart. Jan
  4. I have always rebelled against stitch markers. Don't know why, just a silly avoidance. But when necessary I have always used scrap yarn of a different color than my project, but last week I started using a large paper clip and just loop one edge through one strand on the stitch. So easy and won't fall out. Jan
  5. I use a size Q crochet hook. I get sheets at Goodwill and then cut the hemmed edges off. I cut a small slit every 1 1/2 inches along the short edge and then rip down at each slit making long strips. My 8 year old granddaughter and I are making a 3-foot circle rug for her bedroom right now. I slit, she rips, I crochet and she hands me the strips. Great quality time. If you are interested, I can give you directions on how to connect the strips. No sewing required. Jan
  6. We love Candace's YouTube videos, but wanted a way to play them on our TV instead of on phone, tablet or PC. We bought a Chromecast device for only $35 that plugs into the TV's USB port and now, with our wireless home network, are able to have the videos play on our TV. Just thought we would share in case anyone else had the same desire.
  7. I was a half marathon runner, but in January, a foot injury brought that to a screeching halt. I have been unable to run or even walk for cardio exercise since. Someone mentioned a rebounder (mini trampoline) to me, so I tried theirs out to see if it would aggravate my foot. It did not. I have been rebounding for 2 1/2 weeks and I am loving it. I love the results on my entire body and I am only up to 10 minutes per day. So far, my foot does not seem to be worse because of this exercise. Does anyone else use rebounding as a cardio workout? I am very new to it and would love some tips/tricks.
  8. Hi notlulamae and JRBentele! I love to crochet too! I have been crocheting since I was 12 (and I am 57 now). I am self taught and I feel there is always more to learn. I will agree with JRBentele that I also struggle with the end and beginning of rows to maintain the right amount of stitches per row. Counting does help and taking your time at the beginning of an item to determine if you need to pick up a stitch in the same place that you just did some chains on a turn OR to pick up the next obvious stitch. Sometimes the instructions give good directions and sometimes they don't. I try to take the time and experiment/count when i first start and then I know what to do after that. I also agree that the fuzzy yarns are hard too. I made an afghan out of the Lion Brand Homespun. It was miserable to work with and we ended up giving it away because it shed. I had already bought some Homespun in another color and I tried to make a sweater, but that project came to an abrupt halt. No more with that yarn. JR, what is a c2c blanket? notlulamae, what project are you currently working on? I am making rag rugs by ripping up sheets and crocheting with the strips. Loving the outcome.
  9. Hi Candace and all of the wonderful people who are joining the forum, I am reading this from Maine, USA. Love you and miss you, Candace!