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  1. I freaking love, love, love Candace's new book. Ive been a follower for maybe 2 -3 years now, and have been looking forward to a book with basically her do this not this cut outs. This is so much more - I love her off the mat peices - it's showing us her journey and how she learned so much gratitude from things that have killed other people and if not physically killed them, their spirit for sure. she talks about listening to her body (which to me is a huge thing yoga teaches us). THANK YOU CANDACE (yep, I'm yelling, happy yelling) Nadine
  2. Absolutely. meds help so many people, my kids are on them and wouldn't be able to pass school without them....I think for many people they work wonders - hope I'm not coming across as an anti medicine person. Accupuncture also is not a guaranteed alternative to medications. I started doing it under my drs recommendation to help me with my IBS. Ironically it didn't make the IBS better at first, but my anxiety and insomnia became remarkably better IMMEDIATELY and I noticed the ADD became better after a few weeks as well. But that is just my experience.
  3. It's been a while since I've been on here. Came to rave about Namaslay and saw this post. I have ADD - diagnosed after my boys were diagnosed w/ ADHD - going over the checklist I was like - what, this isn't normal, lol. Anyway I've tried meds - some worked well for a time, others worked, the side effects were bad though - severe irritability, focusing on things that really weren't important. some stopped working over time. Yoga definitely has helped, but recently after stopping my meds I decided to try accupuncture for ibs and insomnia. Amazingly it helps my add more than most of the meds did, and with no side effects. Nadine
  4. I love this post! And I love your red lipstick Candace! You rock it! I'm really bad, like super super bad. I love meat hate flowery yoga talk (once I was in a class w/ a sub and there were 3 college aged guys in the class. The 60 year old teacher at one point said something like "lift your ankle towards your uterus" I immediately lost focus, looked at the guys and actually snorted out loud at the look on their faces.) I like normal music - chanting makes me nervous. My teacher has some Indian rap songs and I love them, even though in my head I make the words sound English w/ weird made up lyrics. I hate meditation - I do fall asleep and wake up startled when I start to snore. Whenever I go into a place that has a budda statue I want to dress it - put on a fun hat, sunglasses, fake mustache... I totally notice all the cute yoga outfits and have to find out where they were bought When someone falls during class - I laugh as soon as I know they are ok... What makes you a bad Yogi
  5. Who else got theirs and wants to talk? First off, I love the font in the card that gives all the coupon codes and website addy's for the products - What is this font? I must have it. Second, I'm so glad I didn't get any food with crickets. I'm sorry, just don't think I'm ready for it. Third - My favorite product is the lip bag from My other bag! I've already tried the King & My bride salve - I did a workout w/ a ton of heavy kettlebell & no gloves - so callouses were killing me on my hands. The salve really helped! yoga bliss mat cleaner! love the smell - I really like their website and will be buying some of the dog products and a few others really caught my eye (next paycheck) vital proteins - tried it this morning - loved Lauren's post using it in a recipe and have wanted to try it, but didn't want to fork over 40 some bucks on it to try it. Wild Zora beef bars. I've always been really grossed out by beef jerky. I never would have tried it in a million years until this morning. I figured my 10 year old or husband would eat it. OMG - it's like a steak dried up. I loved it!! Now I know why people love this stuff. Tom's coffee - Can not wait to try - this was the first thing I was going to try, but I don't have a grinder, so I'm going to wait till I can use a friends - but the smell......LOVE The other products I have used and really loved (the lip gloss) shaping oil or have plans to do so soon. Loved my box, thanks for all the thought and time you put into it!!
  6. Hello, Not a "yoga" question, but a question about the proteins in my ybcbox. I've been curious about this product since Lauren did her recipe using it on the blog. Do you (Candace, Lauren or anyone else who uses this) use this in addition to protein powder in a shake, or replacing it? I just made a smoothie for breakfast and wondered if I should do both.
  7. I just tried THE BEST foam roller . I had some IT/Hip pain that was just not going away (my yoga practice has slowed down recently w/ all my kids Spring activities and trying to sell our house. I had an immediately quick burst of pain and then after about 3 rolls, my hip felt incredibly better. I'm going to buy the smaller one the next time I get a good Dicks sporting goods coupon
  8. I love to run and then do yoga right after - I really feel a difference in recovery (and runners' high). Before I do each run I always walk first then do some frankensteins and butt kickers and then hip openers. If my legs are really tight I'll do light stretches. especially those hams. After I run If I don't have time to do yoga I will do the pyramid stretch, runners lunge, pigeon and triangle .
  9. I really want the fitbit hr b/c I am such a geek w/ tech data. But I'm wondering if the sleep thing will make my anxiety/insomnia worse. like will I wake up in the middle of the night worried about my sleep after seeing how horribly I sleep?
  10. they look so cute!! I want a pair!
  11. I've been taking yoga off an on for 20 years now....wahhh I'm feeling old after typing that. But anyway most were all different. One of the things that has made me really keep the consistency with my practice this time is the consistency of the class that I take. At first it was pretty much the same things each time w/ a few newer poses/advanced modifications added as we all progressed. Our teacher was brand new about a year and half ago when I first started taking her, so I'm wondering if that is a part of your teacher's issue - she is new and not adding new challenges to her own teaching? The more advanced my Yogi has become, the more she has felt confident in adding variations to the poses and to the flow. Although I love the routine of being able to know what is coming next and being able to focus on each pose, I think I would begin to get bored after a while. I think we all need a variety to keep our practices fresh and feel like we are growing. Maybe you can send the instructor some of Candices' links and challenges. My instructor really got into them and will do some of the challenges with me, it makes it even more fun!
  12. there are some really weird psychs out there and quacks too. I would see if you can meet them before you agree to see them. I was seeing a grief therapist at a small facility and my kids were also there 1 x a week. I was seeing a really annoying psych who I was already seeing for anxiety. when my son passed away he threw me on heavy duty anti depressants and xxanax. after a bout a year I kept noticing one of the drs from the practice where I was receiving grief therapy. She was very very intelligent, classy. she would come out into the waiting room and talk to drug reps so she didn't get stuck in the back with them. Something about the way she greeted and said bye to her patients really made me like her. I have been with her for 5 years now & my husband goes now to. She is big into pilates and loves yoga and is so amazing at talking to me - she has helped me more with the grief than any of the therapists I've gone to and she is medical there are some really amazing ones out there - just don't limit yourself to sticking with one if you don't like them....
  13. Watching the 2nd video is amazing - to me it's like watching ballet - absolutely beautiful. The first is inspiring b/c of the message and how hard he had to work to progress. Having someone believe in you is sometimes the most beautiful thing of all. I think all 3 are amazing in different ways. Arthur actually is a teacher for the same gym I work for - he's about 40 minutes away, I really wish I could get to one of his classes.
  14. I lost my youngest son in accident in our home 7 years ago. My 2 sons and I were diagnosed with PTSD by 2 different doctors over the accident. I tried very hard to do therapy - group, individual, even couples with my husband. Nothing worked the way yoga did. The yoga I took was with a therapist for people who were suffering from anxiety issues and depression. She was a certified yoga instructor and working on her masters in therapy & so she combined the 2. I would spend the entire session with tears just running down my face and then afterward felt a peacefulness I didn't feel from anything or anyone else. It was a flowing yoga, but with focusing on breathing - so I don't want to say it was Hatha or Vinyasa - almost seemed a combo of the two - but it seemed like what really helped was that she knew at certain times the right things to say that allowed me to start to heal. After her series ended (I want to say it was 8 weeks long), I ended up going to a few of her classes at a studio & it wasn't the same, but it was very comforting - there were a few instructors who gave me a similar peace. I think it really opened the door for my healing to start, then I began running and put yoga aside. When I started back up - it was more to help with aches and pains from running & the flows I'm now addicted to. Hope this helps - peace and love to your family. Finding a proper way to greive and heal are the best steps for anyone.
  15. I really want to know what is a good app for calendars. I've downloaded 3 or 4 and none of them really do what I want. I want them to be compatable with outlook so I don't have to retype everything in. I want it to have an easy to read look and in week, day, Month. also, I'd love one that has an easy to use note taking function as well as to do list..... Great idea, thanks!
  16. I bought the yoga bible and really like it, but the outfits look so outdated - maybe I'm just materialistic, but I'm used to seeing yogis in cute pants and tops - these people look like they are wearing spandex tights that are not flattering - especially the men. The book is well written and easy to follow, other than the old fashioned yoga look
  17. If you could go over foot positioning from upward dog to downaWard during sun salutations. Is there a way to do a very brief video with a close up of the feet?
  18. Is it ok that I pop in on this discussion? I love seeing men in yoga, because I think the benefits are amazing, and I hate the "that's for girls" attitude. My practice is in a gym and there are always less men there than at a studio, however, I've been noticing more and more men trying it and enjoying it more than they thought they wouldn't. I'm thinking it will become more and more popular as it becomes more commercial.
  19. I just tried my first class Friday. I loved it. It didn't seem hotter than hot yoga, I'm thinking bc it was a well taken care of facility. I don't think I could handle doing it more than 2 days a week, but I do want to routinely add it to my current practice. You have no music, it's very focused. The same 27 poses every single time. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.
  20. Great article - just shared it with a bunch of runner friends. I also love the lacrosse ball for getting out knots - I've also tried exercise balls, but they don't always make them sturdy enough for rolling out the hips. The one at the gym I work at had a lot of wear and tear and I may or may not have put a crack in it.....
  21. I LOVE doing yoga right after a run - like barely any cooldown after a run. It does something amazing for my mind....A few times I've done cycling then yoga & it was really nice, but I don't ever get the same feeling as a run/yoga. I have had to run AFTER yoga and it was really tough getting into that first mile - really tough, but then after that I felt pretty good. I would say if you had a choice, do the yoga afterwards to really stretch the muscles - but if you don't have a choice it's really not hurting anything b/c you are warming up relaxed muscles and then cooling them down again - but I'm curious to see what the answer to this is from Candace or another yoga teacher.
  22. Athleta are my favorite b/c of fit and quality. But for some cheaper brands that can be cute and just ok fit - Old Navy has some really cute prints. I don't love the fit like Athleta, but I do love paying $10 for capris on their really good sales. Also Target sells Champion's brand C9 & I personally think the quality is a step above Old Navy, a bit under Athleta. They have some cute prints out now - just watch for sales. I think they are little pricey for the quality, but the sale prices are usually very good.
  23. I think with boys, especially athletic or just wild ones, you need to make it more of a fun power practice. I bribed my 14 year old take a class with me a year ago. While he said it was just ok and boring, he actually did really well. His gym teacher will have them do some poses from time to time - which I think is so awesome! I need to try to get my 10 year old to do some - I think he'd be a natural at the inversions.
  24. If you just want a cheap one to see how it works: I have one like this (I think mine was around $30 though, but I know it is a gaiam) I absolutely HATE, HATE, HATE using the foam roller, even though It helps so much. At the top of my IT band when I use it, I have actually had to fight tears it was so painful. BUT, it helps & as soon as you get that pain out you will feel way better. My gyms foam roller does nothing b/c it's so cheap and old. I'll use a tennis ball or Medicine ball before I use that - just another option if you really become addicted to using it and don't have access to one at a point.