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  1. I am fairly new to yoga but I have been doing it almost daily for the last 8 months. For some reason I have a hamstring cramp that is consistently recurring. I drink only water (well and cofffee ) but I stretch too much to continue to have this problem. I have been to massage therapy as well on multiple occasions. It mostly happens when I bend my left leg backwards towards my head, like a scorpion pose. I do not get cramps anywhere else. If anyone has any ideas, I am all ears and appreciate the feedback. Thanks!
  2. From the album Overcoming Obstacles

  3. As someone who uses yoga to overcome back problems, I agree with Greg. Take it easy and give it time to heal. If and when you feel good enough to try some poses go with something that is easy to get into and out of like child's pose. This helps me in the morning to stretch the lower muscles and get the blood moving in that area. Also easy hip openers really help me with my back as well. Take your time and it will come along.
  4. Man I am missing all the fun. There just aren't any classes offered any where near me so I have never been. Youtube is all I have. But I can see how I might be a pet peeve to someone else because every time I do a great hip opener and it releases my back I tend to moan in ways that could make others....uncomfortable. Oh wow that means it is probably good I stay home!
  5. Gonna have to go with coffee pot and cookie sheet. Coffee is a must and cookies....well you know.
  6. I stumbled on a youtube video called "Standing spine twist" and thought I would try it. I have been dealing with back issues for over 20 years and just thought why not? I did it everyday for two weeks straight and couldn't believe the release it generated. Since it was also attached to yoga videos I started digging around in the beginner section until I found some I was comfortable with. I have been doing it almost daily since then (April 2014). The improvements are incredible. I haven't had not even a spasm since then. Yesterday I ran a chainsaw and split wood all day. That would usually leave me wrecked the next day. But today I got up and did 2 of Candace's videos and practiced headstands. Also for the first time my nose touched my knee in forward fold. 9 months ago I couldn't hardly tie my shoes. I can't imagine I would ever stop but rather keep creating more and more distance from my previous physical self. Thank you to all who encourage and especially those who work hard to post videos on how to do this. It has changed my life.
  7. I'm with you on the Candace videos. Her voice is so calm while giving instruction and then for the pose it's dead silence. I love it!! It is the only time I can have quiet. It really helps me relax. Then after the video during the rest of the day.....anything could happen.
  8. Wow I may need to readjust my thinking on smoothies. My fave in the morning or for quick lunch: Hot n spicy bloody Mary mix (non-alcohol), spinach, cilantro, jalapeno (seeded) carrot, cucumber, raw garlic, Worcestershire, lemon squeeze, fresh horseradish, dash hot sauce. Garnish with lime wedge and celery stalk. I know it sounds like a ticking time bomb but I swear it's not. It's rocket fuel. I also have a banana smoothie that I like to make in the summer but since it has rum maybe it doesn't fit this category soo.....nevermind.
  9. I don't want you to be supper sad. I want you to feel better so I took the liberty of posting a great remedy in "Favorite Tea" section. Try it. It'll cure what's ailing ya.
  10. Cajun Cold Killer---Boil a few pieces of thin slice fresh ginger in 6-8 cups water for 10 mins. Reduce to simmer and throw in 1 tsp tumeric, 1/8 tsp cayenne (I use a 1/4 but it's for real deal only), 2 cinnamon sticks, 3 cloves and let simmer for 10 mins. Strain in mug - add raw honey and a healthy squeeze of lemon. This will heat the body so warm. Great anytime but especially with colds or during damp winter days. No kidding this is spicy. It's like drinkin from the pot after a crawfish boil. Also if you're really sick....add 1oz of good Kentucky bourbon then it's nite nite all nite.
  11. One knee to the chest and the other is straight. Then pull that knee to the side. The release that creates for my back is.....surreal.
  12. I did the new strength video and practiced side crow for a little while. It took alot of pics to get that one that I call "falling through it". #ybcstrength
  13. From the album Overcoming Obstacles

    Took alot of pictures to get this. Not so much "nailed it" as it is "falling through it". But just gonna keep working on this and most importantly having fun.
  14. The physical improvements of yoga far out way anything I would have imagined. My back issues are non-existent now after just 9 months. Also maybe let him do some cool practices at home with youtube before going to a class. If he is up for a challenge he will find it in yoga. It impressed me and I am in my 40's.
  15. I'm in. I really want to work on side crow. That pose is super difficult for me and this should be fun working on it.
  16. 2-3 eggs (scramble in small tuperware bowl with a dash of milk and microwave for 2 mins) old fashioned whole oats with honey OR toast with peanut butter ,1/2 grapefruit, coffee and I'm good till lunch.
  17. From the album Overcoming Obstacles

    My first headstand! It took me about 8 months to get to this point and I never thought my back would let me do it. But thanks to yoga I have been able to overcome some physical limitations that I previously had. My back feels great and I want to continue to see how far I can go on my yoga journey.When I first started I could hardly bend enough to tie my shoes. Hang in there, stay committed and let yoga work!
  18. Yep I followed the link you sent and I am really enjoying what you have done here! Perfect for people like me who are somewhat isolated from yoga activity.
  19. The new video is great! I really like the way it flows with intensity yet calmness. I have never been to a yoga class so this is very useful to me. Thanks Candace.
  20. Hello all- I am Tracy. Quite new to yoga and really enjoying the benefits of my new physical improvements. I am following and actively participating in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Jasper, Ga. Thank you Candace for your dedication and hard work.