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  1. One sad day I found I couldn't touch my toes, not only my toes but my shins. Stiffness had snuck up as stealthily as the years. I was in my mid-fifties and didn't want to be consigned to the stout matronly-figured trash heap just yet. Remembered a class I'd taken in my 30's. The instructor was 80 years old and could wrap her feet behind her head. Not only that but she hadn't taken up yoga until she was 50. Unfortunately I wasn't ready for yoga then so I didn't pursue it but standing there with my hands reaching ineffectually for those toes I remembered. If she could do it why not I? Well, so I'm not wrapping my feet behind my ears but I do do a mean headstand. Happily yoga isn't just about the asanas. As so many others have said, it starts to permeate the rest of ones life. The attempts at meditation have been most instructive. The inner chatter, the continuous inner chatte,r is so exhausting. I hadn't realised how little breathing space I give myself. Although I am not *good* at meditating, regular practice has made me far more mindful and observant of the workings of my mind. I am better at stopping the loop of endless memory reruns as well as anticipating what might happen while missing what actually IS happening right NOW. Oh, and I have a firmer butt.
  2. By light, do you mean, ethereal, like a dancer perhaps? How do your surroundings affect you? Class is one thing (and different classes/teachers/styles certainly colour one's yoga), but how about at home? Outside? Inside? I did yoga on top of the water tank one autumn day which was lovely. Where is the most memorable place you (or anyone) has practiced yoga? Or in a perfect world, where would you practice? As for what I did today, did the Tibetan 5 Rites with my husband (yaayyy!), then my own routine. Have been working on tolasana for months with negligible results. Today felt a tiny bit more of a lift. Again, think my difficulty with it relates to core weakness....or maybe I've got really short arms.
  3. My darling husband did The Rites yesterday, not so far today. We'll see. Mid-afternoon now so there's still time. Did yoga yesterday afternoon and noticed, again, how much looser my body is compared to morning yoga. Am more flexible with less effort. Anyone else notice that? Used to do yoga fresh out of bed when I was still working. Every balancing pose I fell over. Later in the day, no problem. Is it just me or do others' abilities/flexibilities change through the day? Baby Grasshopper today a chuckle. About a 2cm lift for two breaths one side, and barely off the ground for one crashing breath the other. But it's always like that starting something new. Also trying to graduate from crow to crane pose, bit like a disjointed turkey at the moment. Am sure I saw my cat, who likes sharing the mat, hiding a smile.
  4. How I wish I'd discovered yoga at your age, Candace. But then I was too busy shooting myself in the foot and sabotaging every attempt to be healthy physically (running, eating what is now called 'clean') by my unhealthy smoking, drinking too much, etc. Talk about a split personality! Taken that long to kind of heal that dichotomy. Yoga has this insidious and surprising ability to improve everything about one's life, not just the physical. If I'd only known! Today I haven't done yoga yet but had a serious, hopefully non-nagging conversation with my 68 yo husband, who has Parkinsons, about the benefits of doing some yoga every day. A ten minute committment (to the Tibetan 5 Rites) is insurance (appealing to male logic) like insuring the house and car. Wonder if I got through....
  5. Thank you all for the humour! Me? Bad yogi? Have to be self-motivated as I don't usually attend classes but sometimes I just go through the motions. Like Jasmine and femmefatalekris I lose focus easily. I do the poses but I'm not really there. I also get antsy if I don't have music playing.
  6. I'm a newbie here but have practiced at home for about 3 years. Always add a pose to Vinyasa routine (my routine takes about 50 minutes) that I can't do in hopes that one day I will do. At almost 60 years, some poses are just plain out of reach. Still. Latest attempt is Baby Grasshopper to hopefully lead to Big Kid Grasshopper. No joy yet, my core is still weak and gormless but I live in hope.