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  1. Namaste Candace and YBC Community!!! I am experiencing a pesky pain on my lower back. I don't want to take medicines such as Advil because I will not get any results. I don't know what to do to deal with it. Any suggestions?
  2. Jasmine, thank you for the piece of advice. I bought the Women's Health Big Book of Yoga (the link is here: it has a lot of beautiful pictures of asanas and their explanations. I hope it will help.
  3. Hello Candace and YBC Community! I am so glad to be here and have a opportunity to share what annoys me with you (sorry for my English!!). Well, I think that good online yoga videos (especially vinyasa yoga) which are a great alternative to yoga DVD videos because there is a variety of routines, flows and classes (and great instructors too!). But I am struggling to follow along certain videos. In some videos, the pace is a kind of fast. So, what can I do? Do I watch them first and then try to follow them along? Or do I hit the pause button and try to do the asana that I am seeing? Or do I try to follow the cues? Is there someone here who had to deal with that? If so, what was the solution? Thanks in advance. Ana Paula
  4. Hey Candace, how are you doing? Firstly, I want to thank you for answering my question on Facebook. I am not confused anymore. But I have got a couple more questions: 1. I know that it will sound silly and obvious, but what does "always work within a free-pain range" mean? 2. Another silly question: how can I follow your videos? Is it recommended to watch the video first and then do the sequence? What do you think? Greetings from Brazil, Ana Paula
  5. Namaste, Candace! Namaste, people! What a lovely yoga forum! Yay! My name is Ana Paula and I am writing from São Paulo, Brazil.