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  1. dawww so cute!! I'll have to come back with a photo later but I have a cat and a dog who are my fur babies. My dog is a rescue dog mix breed and he is my heart and soul, we walk every morning together and he makes life so much fun!
  2. I managed to drag my husband to classes about a year ago but he quickly gave up. I suspect partly because there were only a couple of other men in the beginner classes we attended (I find many more in my hot classes). He also mentioned it has a reputation of being "girly" but that if men actually attended they'd quickly realise it's not always easy and can actually be quite challenging. I have an elderly man in one of my classes and he absolutely rocks it!
  3. I have to agree with this, I physically can straighten my legs and touch my heels to the floor but often I will be in down dog with my knees bent quite significantly in order to straighten my back. I wouldn't stress about this one. If your legs are tight I think general yoga classes/videos will be your friend KateZena
  4. that my favourite classes are the ones we get to play around like children. Playing with poses like head/handstands even though maybe one in a class of thirty can actually do them but she still lets us fumble around and have fun for a portion of the class.
  5. I have scoliosis, like you it's quite mild and doesn't often affect my day-to-day life. I find backbends are fine after warming up, even wheel pose. But always listen to your body and if something feels like it's too much or too awkward stop. I'll stop in the middle of a class if I need to, teachers never worry about this if a student isn't comfortable.
  6. I booked a yoga class on the beach when I was in Vietnam.... then I fell ill :'( It would have been amazing!
  7. 28 degree Celsius room, nag champa, some nice music and candles and I'm there!
  8. Have you got any favourites you could simply do without the 'structure' of a video or flow? Often at home I will do something as simple as stretch in bed for half an hour and I feel I'm getting a lot of benefits but it doesn't feel like a chore at all, it's quite enjoyable. Other nights I lock myself away and no husband/kids/pets are allowed to enter and I put on a nice candle and do some yin yoga. Or practicing something fun with the kids, like handstands, during the day. At home I try to make it more about really feeling great (and alone time) rather than feeling like it's something I 'have' to do. If you really feel like you should be doing certain things at home, one thing I used to do while doing yoga challenges was get up and put my yoga gear on. I can be quite lazy at times so it felt easier to put my yoga gear on and do the challenge than get changed haha.
  9. When I get to class, before it starts, I lie down on my mat in the nice warm room and start falling asleep. When the teacher arrives I'm so disappointed he/she has interrupted my nap. I could honestly just pay to sleep there for 1.5 hours on the floor.
  10. Is there a chance you're overthinking it? I can't balance when I'm overthinking crow pose, once I stop stressing about what 'might' happen it's much easier to find a spot in front of me to look at and balance
  11. I have the opposite problem, my arm strength is absolutely woeful. You might be able to see in my avatar that my arms are tiny and they're about as strong as they look. I find that to build it I really need to do some sort of weight / body weight training. Don't get me wrong, yoga has been amazing for my strength but I need more being so far behind everyone else naturally. Could this be a case with you for your flexibility - that perhaps you need some more gymnastics type training to build that flexibility to complement your yoga practice? I was crazy flexible when I did gymnastics. Also, if we don't look like the Instagram people but are still working on our strength/flexibility/balance we're still one ahead of a lot of people. My worst fear is becoming old and immobile so keeping up any sort of strength and flexibility is still great for us even if we're not contortionists.
  12. I love my alone time in the mornings, over the past few months I 'trained' myself to get up at 5.30 instead of 6.30. Unfortunately, it still isn't enough time to get everything I want to in a day!
  13. I sometimes wonder whether the people who storm in, throw their mats down loudly and start stretching violently are moreso there as part of a 'sport' as such? Like just another exercise class maybe. My favourite teacher at the local studio is so inflexible and oh wow is she clumsy but I really love her classes. And there is one student in some classes where he floats forward and back in sun salutations I have to pretend to need a drink so I can watch him, it's amazing. The rest of us are utterly hopeless but I kind of like it because we just keep to ourselves, I can't imagine receiving unwanted advice or dirty looks, awful!
  14. I guess the good thing about yoga is you can make it a full body workout or a complete relaxation session. I'm in pigeon pose right now in bed while I type to you I felt like doing some stretches after a long day and I definitely don't need a rest from this sort of relaxing yoga, much like walking I can do that daily as well. Definitely listen to what your body and mind are telling you!
  15. How would you feel about requesting no physical adjustments? That way you're making it quite clear you don't wish for her flirting to continue, but in the small, small chance her intentions have never been to flirt you're not going to end up red faced. (Don't get me wrong I 100% believe you but I do know how easy it is to take a 'flirty' person the wrong way, especially when we find them attractive!)