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  1. I have very tight hamstrings, lower back and calves. I don't use a strap all of the time, but sometimes, I will practice with a strap to force myself to focus on alignment instead of my feet to my hands or my nose to my knee. I find that it really helps stop me from cheating myself out of good alignment. I have an infinity strap as well as a regular. I almost always go for the infinity strap because it's easier to grab (doesn't get tangled and twisted), it's shorter (so less cumbersome) and I like the stretchy aspect of it. Would highly recommend. But, I love props. I have foam blocks, cork blocks, a regular strap, an infinity strap, a wheel, and a bolster. So, I might be biased.
  2. Looking forward to it!
  3. The new website looks great and loads well, but I was having trouble easily finding a link to the forums... It's been a little while since I've been to the forums and a little while since I've read the site on my computer as opposed to my phone, but I had to access the forums by going to the "ask a yoga question" page and clicking on the link there.... Now, this may be a side effect of being called into work at 2am and being slightly delirious, but in case I'm not being totally dense, I thought I'd mention it that I was having this trouble, in case I"m not the only one.
  4. Question for the yogis on the go.... How do y'all travel with your yoga gear? When you're traveling by plane (or train, or greyhound bus!), how do you pack your gear? Do you check your mat with your luggage? Is it even possible to have a yoga mat as a carry-on? I feel like it's too big for that.... How do you pack it? Do you have a travel mat? If you do, don't you find that most of them are really quite thin? Or, do you pack your regular (my regular mat is a 5mm rubber mat, so it's not really foldable and it takes up a ton of space?) I've tried travel mats that have good grip, but are too thin. I have another travel mat that's not super thin, but it's kind of slippery and not quite as portable. I've also used my thin travel mat over the rental mats at studios I've visited while traveling... But, I often think that I'd like to just bring my normal mat with me, but it's so clunky! Thanks, folks!
  5. Even though I have impossibly tight hamstrings and I should hate forward fold, I am always overcome with a feeling of impending doom when I realize that the sequence we're doing seems to be leading up to a side angle. I can't figure out why, but this is my most dreaded pose. I am always secretly hoping that my teacher is going to cue a bird of paradise, just so I can get out of the pose. I have to constantly remind myself that the pose you dread is the one you need the most.
  6. Just did today's workout. Loved the 30 minute power yoga -- though, today I seemed to be having a bad case of the Weeble Wobbles and had the damndest time controlling my balance. Oh well! That's what makes it an adventure. Apparently, there's still a fair bit of animosity between crow and myself.... the journey continues.....
  7. Went to the Sunday morning class at my fave studio. It was the first time I've ever been to a class where every single inch of the room was covered in mats. It was an interesting experience, to have to keep yourself completely on your mat. I was just happy that I didn't kick anyone in head during Warrior III or smack someone during a swan dive!
  8. Thanks so much! I tried something similar (downward dog to dolphin to forearm stand) and it will definitely need a few more tries before it flows naturally, but it as really fun! The pike and the wide-legged forward fold hadn't occurred to me at all, and I'm super excited to try both of them out!
  9. Hey all... Mostly, when I practice in a studio, I find myself at a vinyasa class. I'm still a ways away from adding a handstand to my flows (and am in awe of the more advanced yogis who pop up into them like it's the easier thing in the world!), but I do have a fairly solid forearm stand. I'd love to "spice-up" the occasional flow by adding in a forearm stand, similar to the handstanders, but I can't seem to figure out if 1) adding a forearm stand is completely ridiculous... and, 2) if it's not totally ridiculous, I can't seem to figure out how to make it something that actually "flows" from one move to the next. Anyone have any thoughts?
  10. Day two... modified to account for my fave vinyasa class I go to on Friday mornings, but there were a lot of chatarunga pushups, so I think I got my strength work in! Bonus, that there was a couple of crow poses scattered in there. Still have a long way to go, but the month is just getting started!
  11. Day 1, done. I made it through the suggested workout and then spent a half hour scrolling through pinterest to find a million graphic and articles to print so I could find as many pointers as possible for making my crow fly. I've got some work to do!
  12. I love triangle. I look forward to the opening and the stretch every time I get to it in class. And fallen triangle. And wild thing. I love to play and to splay out everywhere and have my heart open.
  13. I found this challenge on pinterest this morning and I just signed up here so I could join in. I had already made crow pose my New Year's Yoga Pose Resolution (that's a bit of a mouthful). I definitely need to improve my upper body strength, since any arm balances that require hands instead of forearms on the floor are currently one of my biggest challenges. I'm hoping that this challenge will help my baby crow grow up into a real, grown-up crow!