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  1. I have SUPER tight hamstrings, too. It took me forever to get my feet flat in downward dog. I started on my toes, and would very gently stretch the hammies by lowering my heels just a bit each time. I've found that floor stretches like seated forward bend, and the wide-angled seated forward bend really help loosen them up.
  2. Awesome! That's what I was hoping to hear, lol! I was so worried that I'd get there and see all these people pumping out amazing poses while I was there thinking, "I learned a backbend three months ago? o_O" Thanks for the advice! Greatly appreciated!
  3. Candace, other teachers, and those about to start their teaching certification: One question that I've been asked repeatedly, but don't know the answer to myself. I've been practicing yoga (regularly) for about 2 years now, and would very much like to take my first teaching certification course. I've been asked by family members when I plan on getting certified, but I'm not sure. How do you know when you're ready? I'm very confident in a lot of my practice, but I'd be mortified to show up for certification only to find I know nothing. Is there anything you can recommend to prepare for certification? Many Thanks! <3 Bekah
  4. Mobile phones and idle chatting during savasana is my one big pet peeve, too. I love the feeling of disconnecting from the static of the world, and focusing inward. Hard to do that when people are telling kids to start dinner because they're leaving soon. Okay, I have one more - leaving savasana early. The funniest "Keep Calm" meme I ever saw was "Keep Calm and Finish your Savasana!" Hehe.
  5. Hi there! Super stoked to see such a wonderful forum up! I'm tuning in from sunny San Marcos, California.