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  1. I love the pigeon pose and have started working on sitting in some hip openers for 30 seconds to a minute. I have only been able to participate in the January challenge. I was about 2 weeks into the flexibility challenge on my own before the new year. I am feeling pretty comfortable in my crow and have been coming back to it every day so far since the end of the challenge. I am also just trying out other poses like the 8 angle, grasshopper, flying pigeon and working on them. 

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  2. Since finding my crow during the strength challenge this past month, I want to open myself up to more arm balances (8 angle pose, flying crow, grasshopper/baby grasshopper, etc). However, I am not finding that I have the strength to lift myself more than a teeeeny sliver off the floor. What suggestions do you have for poses, advice, routines, things to focus on? Check me out on IG @mwall4 so you can see my poses.


    Also, I want to work on opening my hips and I thought some Yin Yoga would be good because the slow pace would really give my hips time to relax and open up. Any videos or suggested poses to use?



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  3. Update: I have been able to kick up into the headstand :D


    check me out on instagram @mwall4 

    Working on my Crow pose now more so than the headstand (I feel pretty good about it)


    I can't seem to get my wrists/hands positioned right in crow. The left hand always seems to kick out to the side and it kills my wrist. Would using a strap help? To keep my elbows in line? (I think that might be my problem)

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  4. I see all these absolutely amazing looking leggings on people and from several different sites. I either can't find any patterns that I like or the price is WAY up there (at least in my budget it is).


    I understand that you pay for quality but does anyone have any suggestions?


    Budget friendly would be below $30 (my husband would like it waaay lower, of course).

  5. I love the pigeon and the 3 legged dog pose they both make me feel so bendy and graceful. I always light right up when I hear Candace's voice saying 3 legged dog or pigeon. I have yet to be able to get into a lot of the inversions but I'm working on it and I think that when I can there's no way you will get me right side up again!  :P

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  6. I started at the end of November 2014. I was always interested in yoga, seeing all the slender, bendy, flexible people contorting themselves into a human pretzel actually appealed to me somehow. What really gets to me is the beauty of the body in this movement and the balance and strength that it takes in inversions. As an artist I felt the need to not only witness it but to be a PART of it.


    I also had thought about it as a method of weightloss. I've tried gym and I lose my motivation. I would love to do more with my diet....but chose not to due to my husband(he's super picky). And doing crazy workout exercises just don't appeal to me. The thought of getting super sweaty and feeling like your heart is going to explode and you are just punishing yourself....yeah, not for me.


    But, yoga...Yoga... YOGA!


    I just love it! I get done with a session (for example the 31 Strength Challenge) and I still want to do more! Yet, after 3 minutes of crunches, jumping jacks, etc and I want to just roll over and die. 


    I have (in only a month) definitely noticed a difference in the way I carry myself. I am more mindful of what is around me, what I do, what I eat. Not only is it strengthening me physically but it is doing a fantastic job mentally! I have been doing a daily practice anywhere from 15-40 minutes at home practicing with videos. Living out in the boondocks of Northeast PA means not many classes around to choose from. There is a hot yoga class but the times just never work out for me. I turned to pinterest at first and then discovered Yoga by Adrienne (she babbled too much for my taste) and then stumbled upon YBC (JACKPOT!). I have tried Tara Stiles but find that her music in the videos distracts me. I like the option of just listening to the voice and having the choice of music if I choose.


    Anyway... long story short, I started for exercise and I do it because I love it!

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  7. So since having started yoga a little over a month ago, my overall goal is inversions (mostly the forearm stands). I just find them beautiful and challenging. Obviously since then I have discovered many smaller goals along the way (flexibility in hamstrings, hip flexors, chest opening, and others). However before I fully end my practice for the day I always go back to trying to get myself in a forearm stand. Just to get my feet off the ground and upside down just for a second (cause at the moment I can't stabilize for more) just to see what it feels like. I have improved! But what I have found is when I do get myself up there for longer than a second or 2 (after several failed attempts before) I start to lose my focus. I lose focus because I simply get excited! Like OMG YES!!! annnnd then I lose my stability and fall.


    Does this happen to anyone else? Losing focus for sheer excitement/amazement at what you've done? Any tips to help with keeping my focus and trying to push that to the side?


    Process and Progress not Perfection is great!