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  1. Well, I have my first yoga injury! A bit over a week ago I had a weird sensation in my deep bum/upper leg area when doing sugarcane pose, and I saw a physiotherapist yesterday who said that I have aggravated my piriformis. I need to spend a lot of time doing trigger point release work and he said that I can continue to do yoga but to avoid poses that make it worse (so mainly avoiding hip openers, and standing postures like sugar cane, dancer etc). Now I'm having trouble thinking of what I can do! So far I think I can do: Downward facing dog Heart openers (camel, wheel etc) Chair Hero Chatarunga Child's pose Poses I'm avoiding: Half moon and Sugar cane Dancer Warrior 3 Any wide straddle forward fold Poses building to lotus (I actually think I've been forcing this a bit lately, leading to fatigue prior to my sugarcane incident) Handstand (because I tried the other day and it hurt) I'm not sure about warrior 1 and 2, or triangle. Or sun salutations! I'd love some other ideas - my mind seems to be going blank right now!
  2. One studio that I attend actually has a question on the enrolment form asking whether you're happy to be assisted/adjusted during practice. I am more than happy being adjusted/assisted, but I appreciated the question!
  3. I am posting on my iPad now! I'd noticed the "mobile version" link on the bottom of the page but I just ignored it because I'm used to sites going to mobile version automatically so it confused me a bit
  4. I can view the forum pretty easily on my iPad, but I can't see the top 'toolbar' so I don't know whether I'm signed in or not, whether I have any notifications etc. It also means that it's difficult to post or to view new topics! Is there an app that anyone uses, or any other suggestions? I know there are a few generic ones out there but I don't know what they are.
  5. Thank you for posting such a thorough deconstruction of bakasana! I especially liked the last video, I think I'm going to change my approach and really work on engaging the core more. I've already got the lolasana practice from yoga journal pinned on pinterest, it's a pose that intrigues me - it doesn't look all that difficult but it's such a beast!
  6. I sometimes find that if I watch a video by a new teacher I will find it harder to follow along with again. Each teacher has their own way of describing poses and transitions, so once you've practiced with the same teacher (either in real life or online) a few times you have to think a little bit less about what they're saying! So maybe if there's a teacher that you like (such as Candace) work on their slower style videos first, and then progress to their faster ones?
  7. Is there any sunshine at all where you live right now? Have you considered that it might be seasonal affective disorder? I don't know much about it (I live in Australia ) but it could be affecting your mood and making you feel like you're in a slump. Maybe try yin yoga for a little while? You don't need much energy for it but it feels amazing!
  8. Wanderlust was on this weekend in Sydney, and I had major envy seeing photos all weekend! But in reality I do think it would be just an experience, rather than deepening my yoga practice (which I guess is what Candance said?) I'm very spoilt with small class sizes, practising with my mat just a couple inches from someone else would be distracting.
  9. I currently only go to a mums and bubs class so I spend time getting my baby settled and happy, or trying to get other babies to smile! That's if we actually get there on time... If I go to a class by myself I sp the time gently stretching whatever is feeling tight/sore, or I just sit and people watch.
  10. I have a special place in my heart for bikram. It was like my gateway drug for regular yoga! I actually found it less intimidating than other forms of yoga because it was quite trendy at the time and a lot of my friends were doing it. The biggest difference I found with bikram is that they encourage you to push poses to your absolute limits, and the mirrors mean there's a lot of comparison going on. Once I started other types of yoga I finally understood the "yoga mentality". I'd actually like to go to a bikram class again sometime to see the way I practice it now has changed!
  11. Hi Candace, I am after some advice for how to safely "fall out" of inversions. I've started to practice forearm balances, and I can hold it away from the wall but I still feel like I need the wall behind me because I don't know how to protect myself if I do fall backwards!
  12. I've been eyeing off Dharma bums tights for a while now - they're ethically made, which I really appreciate. I keep talking myself out of ordering anything though, I really don't need any new yoga clothes right now!
  13. I currently use a lulu 'the mat' at home, and 'the unmat' in class. I love them, but I'm currently lusting over the yogasana woven mats, and the yoloha cork mats. I'm really curious to try practicing on a non rubber mat!
  14. I love the idea of practicing outside, but if I was in public I think I'd feel a bit self conscious. The most I've done outside is playing around with handstands!
  15. I love downward dog. During a challenging vinyasa class it feels great to return to downward dog and to have the chance to catch my breathe and refocus.