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  1. Hi Candace! I know you are not certified in prenatal yoga, but hopefully this question is still answerable. I am in my first trimester, and I am definitely still feeling good enough to keep up my regular practice. I have found appropriate modifications for many common asanas that I'm not comfortable with (e.g. supported bridge for wheel, modified cobra for upward-facing dog), but I'm really mystified about what to do instead of deep twists. I don't feel comfortable doing ANY kind of deep abdominal twists--I'm sure it wouldn't hurt the baby, but it just physically doesn't feel great. So when I've been doing videos with twists, I've just been sitting or lying in place! Can you think of a couple of things I could do instead of a deep twist other than just standing or lying there? Thanks!!
  2. Agreed, mimisouth! AFM, I've had quite a setback with my headstand--I am a little afraid of it now, after I fell, so less wiling to be playful and test my balance. My pinkie is still painful when I put weight on it too, so perhaps I have minorly sprained it after all. Ah well, I have no problem being patient--I've spent nearly thirty years on this planet in an upright position, haha, so there's no rush. On a more positive note, I did the new arm balances video (love love love!) and actually kind of did grasshopper on both sides! I fell over in, like, half a second, but I got into the pose and felt the feeling of balance. (You know what I mean? Like, you're not actually balanced, but your body is understanding where and how it could be balanced?) So that was fun!!
  3. Yikes, had a little setback with my headstand! I was practicing away from a wall yesterday, and started to tip forward. In the split second I had to decide what to do, I decided to just roll forward like a somersault... without really thinking about the fact that my hands were bound in front of my head and I was going to roll right over my hands. (I have a bit of modern dance background, and I used to practice inversions a lot, so I am pretty used to rolling down into somersaults.) Lol, I do NOT recommend that to anyone! I have a knot on my neck where I rolled over my hands, and the worst part was, I totally crushed both of my pinkies! I actually thought I had broken the bottom pinkie because it was SO swollen yesterday, but I splinted it overnight and the swelling went down a lot, and I have almost full range of motion back, thank goodness! Anyway, do not do what I did, haha! Have a wall there or at the very least, do NOT roll forward!! I'm not really injured, but I am going to take a few days off from interlacing my fingers, since the one pinkie is still a bit swollen/bruised. Maybe I'll work on tripod headstand instead, haha.
  4. I ordered Harney and Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice in sachets, and it came today! This tea is soooo delicious! It tastes totally different than teas I've had in the past before... it is so spicy and sweet! Thank you for the recommendation!
  5. Sounds like you are doing great! I, too, am surprised by how much I've improved in 11 days. I think part of it is that I've chosen a part strength, part balance posture (headstand), so the balance is coming along quickly. I'll be honest--I have a pretty strong upper body, can easily do chaturanga, even 10-15 pushups, and I STILL have a very tough time rising up into high plank with a flat back. That is a tough one for me!! :)
  6. I'm a little late to the party, but I'm here working on headstand! I've been traveling since 12/21 (sheesh) and am heading home tomorrow, so my practice has been wonky but pretty consistent! I am working into headstand by lifting just my hips, then getting legs off the ground a few inches with knees bent, then gradually working to get them straight. I have actually improved a TON this week, so yay! And WOW does this pose work my core!!
  7. OMG I am SO interested in the upstate New York one, as my husband and I will be living upstate for the summer! I am not sure yet if I will just come as a day student or actually stay, but I am almost 100% sure I'll be there one way or another! Eek!!
  8. I always use my foam roller after a long run... I find that it really helps to prevent muscular soreness and speeds up my recovery time. I will have to give it a try before yoga too!
  9. WOW the pictures on the blog are amaaaazing!! I will have to have my husband snap a pic when he gets here on Thursday--I am so excited to see my progress visually, because I can definitely feel it in my body!
  10. My in-laws gave me a yoga bolster for my birthday, and I am in love! I have used it sooo much for yin & restorative & chest opening in general. It was a gift, but I'm pretty sure it is the Yoga Accessories one and it is SUPER nice!!
  11. I am excited to see the details! As a grad student, I could definitely do mid-week during the summer, but also as a grad student, I am not exactly flush with vacation funds, LOL.
  12. How is everyone doing! I got soooo off-track with family visiting and then Thanksgiving travels--just no time for long videos or else too tired, so I did a lot of yin and restorative over the past week. But I'm working back into things--did the heart-opening vid yesterday, which I'm pretty sure is my new favefavefave!! And today did the block vid and the chair vid. I loved the savasana with legs on the chair!! Planning to work in a power video either tomorrow or Thursday. Oh my gosh, I think we have the same birthday! At least, it's saying you posted this on the 25th and said your birthday was the next day--mine is the 26th too!! Hope you had an AWESOME birthday! I know I did!!
  13. I had family in town, so I missed my Saturday and Sunday yoga! I kept thinking I was going to do the videos at night, but after basically touring NYC all day every day, I was too pooped and just fell into bed. But I'm looking forward to LOTS of yoga this week to stay nice and loose for my 10K on Thanksgiving!
  14. Ooh, I really like those! Gah, my heart might explode if I bought a $69 top... maybe it can be a Christmas present to myself, lol. Thank you for the info! I will definitely examine them before I pick one up. I am going to stop by Uniqlo tomorrow. Girl, I'm with you there!!
  15. Um, I think I love you!! These are AMAZING suggestions! I didn't know about those Uniqlo heat-tech shirts--I think I might pick up a couple for yoga and running! I pass a Uniqlo all the time, ha. And they have heat-teach leg warmers too! Eek. Thank you so much!