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  1. I probably drink a lot of alcohol by anyone's standards. I use it as a social lubricant and as an actual lubricant. I'm aware it is pretty terrible for your health, but it makes life so much more fun. It is part of the culture where I come from, and has been responsible for so many of the best memories of my life that I don't think I'll ever end my love affair with it. Alcohol - because no great story ever started with a salad.
  2. There are clearly unspoken social contracts between teachers and students. I would guess that most teachers will have a self-imposed rule about not dating students. You may find this previous forum discussion interesting and relevant: However, as a romantic I say go for it! You’re both grown-ups and can handle the outcome with maturity. Just be prepared to never ever go to that class again!
  3. I find them very helpful for alignment. Many times I think I'm doing the perfect plank to look over and see my arse sticking up in the air
  4. These are really amazing. They would make excellent tattoos.
  5. This idea of emotional release is yet another fascinating aspect of yoga. I have heard teachers and students talk about it before, but during my practise I have only ever really experienced the emotion of frustration for not being stronger or more flexible - I'm not sure that qualifies as the same! That being said, I went through a period of noticing a release of anger after yoga classes. These would be very enjoyable and relaxing yoga classes that would leave me very blissful, but then on the car journey home, the first person to cut me up or pull out on me would send me into a sudden rage frenzy! It would come out of nowhere and completely take me by surprise - effing and jeffing at little old ladies crossing the road in front of me! At first I though it was anger because they were ruining my hard earned peacefulness, but it was such a disproportionate and intense reaction that I began to think there must be more to it. After doing some research into it and reading articles similar to the one referenced above, my conclusion was that it was indeed the same phenomenon, just with a delayed onset. By being so peaceful and relaxed during yoga, I was allowing tension, stress and trauma held in the body and mind to be released. It appears that it doesn't want to leave without putting up a fight. I could go into more depth about the self analysing psycho-babble theories that I now believe, but now when it happens I react differently. I recognise it and understand it better. I still let it happen because I think the release is important, but by being more aware of why it is happening I am better able to cope with it. Then when I get home, I take it out on a punch bag dressed as an old lady
  6. This looks about right to me. I would add the jam the next day though as the fruit juice helps loosen it up.
  7. I have always done it by eye, so not sure of the measurements. I think I use about 30g of wholegrain rolled oats with Greek yoghurt. I put in a generous dollop of yoghurt - at least 1:1 if not a little more. After I have stirred it in, there appears to be a surplus of yoghurt, but this will be absorbed into the oats overnight. I have never added milk, perhaps that is complicating matters? The result the next morning is a firm consistency, but not cake like. It loosens up with some honey and a bit of stirring. The breakfast of champions:)
  8. It probably is a swastika. It was a Hindu symbol long before the Nazis blighted it. Looks like people are trying to claim it back.
  9. Carbs have been demonised for far too long. I blame that Atkins bollocks. If you exercise regularly, you need carbs - human fuel, exactly! I learned the hard way by cycling long distances - you need carbs in your blood stream. When your carb levels run out your body starts on the glycogen stores in the liver and muscles. When these run out you "bonk" and that is what knocks you on your arse. Lack of carbohydrate in your diet is extremely unhealthy. It can lead to insulin resistance, elevated cortisol and even muscle breakdown as the body cannibalises itself for a fuel source. Your grandparents knew it all along - balanced diets people! Looking forward to your post on it, I find nutrition fascinating.
  10. I think porridge (oatmeal) is an excellent post work out breakfast. I have it every day and prepare it 2 different ways; Hot with milk, or cold with yoghurt (this method requires you to soak the oats in yoghurt overnight). I add fruit and honey to it to keep it tasty, and I also add a scoop of protein powder to it because your body needs a bit of protein after a workout. The protein also helps give you that fuller-for-longer feeling.
  11. Hi Stepha I think this is one of the most difficult aspects of yoga, and takes as much practice as any of the asanas. There's an app that Candace recommended that I have found very helpful called Headspace. It is a complete beginners guide to meditation and starts with 10 free days of 10 minute guided meditations. The guy who does it has a very simple and very easy way of quieting my mind, he has totally changed my approach to meditation. One method he uses is to imagine the mind like the sky; Most days the sky is full of clouds, sometimes they are slow moving fluffy white clouds, other times they are turbulent stormy black clouds. Regardless of the weather conditions, if you climb high enough, above those clouds are calm peaceful blue skies. I find it helpful to bear that in mind that you are never very far away from tranquillity, it's just a short plane ride away. If I actually visualise myself climbing up above the clouds I can see the blue sky and somehow trick my mind into falling quiet. Very simple and very effective. I hope it can help you too
  12. I had somehow missed the entire conversation on the other thread! Another great example of the YBC community kicking arse and taking names! I have 2 abandoned novels and I was a pretty big deal on Myspace (for 20 people). I do enjoy writing though, but it is mainly for my own enjoyment. So I'm delighted that you have doubled my readership Thank you, it's very nice complement to receive from a (soon to be published) writer.
  13. I think there are 2 different questions here. One being; Should I get a tattoo, and the other; Should I get an Om tattoo? The first we can answer the way we answer any question about people passing judgement over others - Do f*** off. Tattoos are after all, still an indication of rebelliousness. Okay, they are more ubiquitous now than 10 years ago, but when you have them you can still feel their subversive power. I say tattoo whatever you want wherever you want. The second question is, as you have recognised, straying into the issue of cultural appropriation. In fact the whole practise of yoga outside of Hindu culture draws this criticism. The trouble with cultural appropriation - we don’t know we are doing it because offence is not given, it is taken. And often it is taken by people with no right to it. It has been going on for years. We pilfered democracy from the Greeks, Christianity from the Middle East and flat packed furniture from Sweden. Whenever ideas spread around the globe, the protests come water-skiing behind them. I for one think too much is made of the Westernisation of yoga. Yes, as yogis we can often be naïve and sometimes culturally insensitive, but let’s not forget that if BKS Iyengar, and K Pattabhi Jois were happy to share their ancient practise with the world, then I'm sure they allowed for the fact that it would evolve and synthesise in a very different way. The Om symbol has become the motif of yoga. A shorthand, or a logo, and often no more than that. It is used as a tattoo by people to signify their commitment to yoga and I totally get that. I have a lotus tattoo for same reason. Personally, I don’t align myself with anything I don’t understand. The Om symbol is also most definitely religious. As I don’t understand the religion or the significance, I won’t tattoo it on my body. Personally. But if you want to, I won’t judge you as being culturally inappropriate. Just as I don’t when I see people with cross tattoos. I also love Ganesh Candace! He is the best of ALL the gods. I would love a Ganesh tattoo, but like you and for the reasons above, I’ll refrain. But I do have another elephant tattoo idea right at the top of my list
  14. I love this project. I dread to think how much a photographer could shatter my illusion that I am a serene and graceful yogi. I'm not very good at yoga photography. I never have a camera handy, my iPhone is always maxed-out on storage, I can never get my whole body in the shot, and to top it off most of my yoga is practised naked (calm yourselves ladies!). I would make extra effort though if I thought the results would be half as funny as these. Faces of Yoga
  15. Hi Larry. Thanks for the advice. I ran into a problem though. After moving the photos I was asked if I wanted to remove them from device, but when I said "Yes" nothing happened. I must have said "Yes" about 3 times and still nothing happened. Do you think I need to try it in an American accent?
  16. Hi Yogaguy - Where did you say this class was?? (Just a little joke in case that was lost in print!) I have no advice for you as this hasn't ever happened to me. I have noticed though, in a regular class I go to, that the recently single and attractive female teacher has a couple of male "groupies" in the class. They are like little puppy dogs around her, always being the first to try and strike up a conversation with her after class and always trying to outdo each other with how advanced their arm balances are. It is mostly inoffensive and slightly amusing stuff, but it has began to grate on my nerves lately because when I have a question for the teacher about my own practise, or something covered in the class, I know I will have to wait until the groupies are done with their awkward flirting before I can converse with her. To her credit she doesn't reciprocate the flirting and is very professional. I think I would pack up and move to another class if I sensed the place was becoming a pick up joint. Your friend has the right idea Candace - It is best to not to let it happen at all because it can send ripples of discomfort throughout the community.
  17. I echo this sentiment SJP42. I get a lot of motivation from watching, but I am not compelled to share either. I am also someone who regularly makes kissy friends with the floor. Sometimes the floor and I have to get a room
  18. Now there's a tune we can all dance to, and no block capitals either.
  19. I can't say I'm a fan of the Atkins diet. No carbs ever! Seriously?! Everyone I know who has done that diet has fallen off the wagon at some point.I don't think denying yourself food, especially your favourite food, is a healthy lifestyle. Food is one of the greatest joys in life, the body and mind need all types of food. I eat carbs all the time. I just ate a lovely big bowl of porridge. I love pepperoni pizza. I weigh about 70Kg. I am a big fan of a balanced diet - everything in the right proportion. Sure, I limit some foods; High saturated fat, high sugar, high salt, starchy food, but I don't deny myself anything. I have over a number of years educated myself to eat healthier. I eat a lot of of fruit and vegetables. Lean protein like chicken breast and salmon. Nothing really very scientific. I don't weigh my food or limit my portion sizes. The biggest revelation I have found is that when you start lowering and cutting out crap in you diet and replacing it with healthier alternatives, you stop depending on the artificial flavour boost that added sugar and additives give food, and you start appreciating the subtle flavours of natural food. You really have to embrace this concept. When you look forward to your quinoa and mixed bean salad at lunchtime then you know you've become a health food bore I am aware that this thread started as a question about the best type of yoga to lose weight so here is my tuppence on that too . I would have thought all yoga! Yoga is great because it takes your body through a variety of low intensity and high intensity exercises. The body responds to these different intensities by burning fat and calories in different ratios. My philosophy with exercise is the same as with food - it's all about balance. Combine a balanced diet with a balanced exercise programme and you will become fit and lean.
  20. Crow is my favourite pose for that. You can feel yourself falling, but you know you're not going to get your hands out from under you in time so.......face plant! I was having a headstand competition with one of my daughters a couple of weeks ago and my other daughter wondered what would happen if she shoved me over. Why do shins hurt so much when they collide with furniture?
  21. I used to love the Melbourne weather! It was 40 degrees on the day I landed, I thought I had moved to the surface of the sun! I live in London now, so let's not talk about weather any more
  22. Cat/cow is a great example of how the breath works with the pose. For the cow, the inhale allows you to open up the chest and lift the heart, and for the cat the exhale allows you to pull in the abdominals (locks/bandhas) and arch your back. If you have these the opposite way around then you won't be getting the full benefit of the asanas. My advice is to try and follow the breathing instructions as the breath will assist the pose.
  23. Hi Em. I also have tight hips and hamstrings, particularly the hamstrings. My flexibility in these areas has gradually improved through doing yoga, but I still have a long way to go before I get my head to my knees in forward fold! I have made peace with the fact that it is going to be a long journey, but I am determined to get there. YBC has plenty of advice for working on stubborn areas. If you use the search box on the home page and type in for example "hamstrings" you will see all the videos and poses relating to that area. You should find plenty to keep you busy. How is Melbourne these days, I spent a year working and living there many years ago?
  24. Go on, you know you want to...
  25. From the album F-Bomb